Sugarfoot (Sugarfoot)
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1. série
1. Brannigan's Boots (Brannigan's Boots)
2. Reluctant Hero (Reluctant Hero)
3. The Strange Land (The Strange Land)
4. Bunch Quitter (Bunch Quitter)
5. Trail's End (Trail's End)
6. Quicksilver (Quicksilver)
7. Misfire (Misfire)
8. Stallion Trail (Stallion Trail)
9. Small War at Custer Junction (Small War at Custer Junction)
10. Bullet Proof (Bullet Proof)
11. Deadlock (Deadlock)
12. Man Wanted (Man Wanted)
13. The Dead Hills (The Dead Hills)
14. A Wreath for Charity Lloyd (A Wreath for Charity Lloyd)
15. Hideout (Hideout)
16. Guns for Big Bear (Guns for Big Bear)
17. Price on His Head (Price on His Head)
18. Short Range (Short Range)
19. The Bullet and the Cross (The Bullet and the Cross)
20. Mule Team (Mule Team)
2. série
1. Ring of Sand (Ring of Sand)
2. Brink of Fear (Brink of Fear)
3. The Wizard (The Wizard)
4. The Ghost (The Ghost)
5. The Canary Kid (The Canary Kid)
6. The Hunted (The Hunted)
7. Yampa Crossing (Yampa Crossing)
8. Devil to Pay (Devil to Pay)
9. The Desperadoes (The Desperadoes)
10. The Extra Hand (The Extra Hand)
11. Return of the Canary Kid (Return of the Canary Kid)
12. The Mysterious Stranger (The Mysterious Stranger)
13. The Giant Killer (The Giant Killer)
14. The Royal Raiders (The Royal Raiders)
15. The Mountain (The Mountain)
16. The Twister (The Twister)
17. The Vultures (The Vultures)
18. The Avengers (The Avengers)
19. Small Hostage (Small Hostage)
20. Wolf (Wolf)
3. série
1. Trial of the Canary Kid (Trial of the Canary Kid)
2. The Wild Bunch (The Wild Bunch)
3. MacBrewster the Bold (MacBrewster the Bold)
4. The Gitanos (The Gitanos)
5. The Canary Kid, Inc. (The Canary Kid, Inc.)
6. Outlaw Island (Outlaw Island)
7. Apollo with a Gun (Apollo with a Gun)
8. The Gaucho (The Gaucho)
9. Journey to Provision (Journey to Provision)
10. The Highbinder (The Highbinder)
11. Wolf Pack (Wolf Pack)
12. Fernando (Fernando)
13. Blackwater Swamp (Blackwater Swamp)
14. Return to Boothill (Return to Boothill)
15. Vinegarroon (Vinegarroon)
16. The Corsican (The Corsican)
17. Blue Bonnet Stray (Blue Bonnet Stray)
18. The Long Dry (The Long Dry)
19. Funeral at Forty Mile (Funeral at Forty Mile)
20. The Captive Locomotive (The Captive Locomotive)
4. série
1. The Shadow Catcher (The Shadow Catcher)
2. A Noose for Nora (A Noose for Nora)
3. Man from Medora (Man from Medora)
4. Welcome Enemy (Welcome Enemy)
5. Toothy Thompson (Toothy Thompson)
6. Shepherd with a Gun (Shepherd with a Gun)
7. Angel (Angel)
8. Stranger in Town (Stranger in Town)
9. Trouble at Sand Springs (Trouble at Sand Springs)