T. and T.

T. and T. (T. and T.) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Extortion in Chinatown (Extortion in Chinatown)
2. Mug Shot (Mug Shot)
3. Setting the Score (Setting the Score)
4. Stow Away (Stow Away)
5. The Drop (The Drop)
6. Something in the Air (Something in the Air)
7. The Silver Angel (The Silver Angel)
8. And Baby Makes Nine (And Baby Makes Nine)
9. On Ice (On Ice)
10. The Latest Development (The Latest Development)
11. Junkyard Blues (Junkyard Blues)
12. Killing Time (Killing Time)
13. Sweet Tooth (Sweet Tooth)
14. Playing with Fire (Playing with Fire)
15. Sophie a La Modem (Sophie a La Modem)
16. Black and White (Black and White)
17. The Game (The Game)
18. A Victim of Fashion (A Victim of Fashion)
19. Special Delivery (Special Delivery)
20. Pros and Cons (Pros and Cons)
21. Private Eyes (Private Eyes)
22. Mickey's Choice (Mickey's Choice)
23. Working It Out (Working It Out)
24. Now You See It (Now You See It)
2. série
1. Straight Line: Part 1 (Straight Line: Part 1)
2. Straight Line: Part 2 (Straight Line: Part 2)
3. Straight Line: Part 3 (Straight Line: Part 3)
4. Straight Line: Part 4 (Straight Line: Part 4)
5. The Whole Truth (The Whole Truth)
6. A Secret No More (A Secret No More)
7. Fast Friends (Fast Friends)
8. Every Picture... (Every Picture...)
9. Hostage (Hostage)
10. Conspiracy (Conspiracy)
11. Hard Way Home (Hard Way Home)
12. Wendell's Story (Wendell's Story)
13. Hunted (Hunted)
14. The Contender (The Contender)
15. Jump Start (Jump Start)
16. Substitute Teacher (Substitute Teacher)
17. T.S. Turner for the Defense (T.S. Turner for the Defense)
18. Thicker Than Water (Thicker Than Water)
19. Family Honour (Family Honour)
20. A Natural Death (A Natural Death)
3. série
1. Cracked (Cracked)
2. Hargrove's Call (Hargrove's Call)
3. Halfway to Nowhere (Halfway to Nowhere)
4. Cry Wolf (Cry Wolf)
5. Decker's Ex (Decker's Ex)
6. Take My Life, Please (Take My Life, Please)
7. A Lesson in Values (A Lesson in Values)
8. The Mysterious Mauler (The Mysterious Mauler)
9. Movie Madness (Movie Madness)
10. Silent Witness (Silent Witness)
11. A Place in History (A Place in History)
12. Terri's Flame, Thief of Heart (Terri's Flame, Thief of Heart)
13. The Curse (The Curse)
14. Mr. Big (Mr. Big)
15. The Butler Duet (The Butler Duet)
16. T.V. Turner (T.V. Turner)
17. Nightmare (Nightmare)
18. Suspect (Suspect)
19. Turner's Tale (Turner's Tale)
20. Wild Willy and the Waves (Wild Willy and the Waves)
21. The Little Prince (The Little Prince)