Tabaluga (Tabaluga)
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1. série
1. The Last of His Kind (The Last of His Kind)
2. Happy Without Ending (Happy Without Ending)
3. A Very Hot Thing (A Very Hot Thing)
4. A Matter Full of Seeds (A Matter Full of Seeds)
5. Servant of Two Masters (Servant of Two Masters)
6. Moonstruck (Moonstruck)
7. The Wiser Head Does Not Give Up (The Wiser Head Does Not Give Up)
8. A Fatal Present (A Fatal Present)
9. Two Birds With One Stone (Two Birds With One Stone)
10. The Tree Of Life (The Tree Of Life)
11. Dubious Dealings (Dubious Dealings)
12. The Visitors Who Came In From The Cold (The Visitors Who Came In From The Cold)
13. The Big Cloud (The Big Cloud)
14. Dragons Do not Cry (Dragons Do not Cry)
15. One Dragon Too Many (One Dragon Too Many)
16. Someone Is Cheating (Someone Is Cheating)
17. Mister Nice Guy (Mister Nice Guy)
18. Too Much Salt Is Detrimental To The Health (Too Much Salt Is Detrimental To The Health)
19. A Ruined Premiere (A Ruined Premiere)
20. Queen For One Day (Queen For One Day)
21. A Splendid Couple (A Splendid Couple)
22. A Fiery Encounter (A Fiery Encounter)
23. The Abducted Scamp (The Abducted Scamp)
24. Tabaluga and Lilli (Tabaluga and Lilli)
25. The Flow of Time (The Flow of Time)
26. Chocolate Ice for Everybody (Chocolate Ice for Everybody)
2. série
1. Prince Tabaluga (Prince Tabaluga)
2. Humsin (Humsin)
3. Dangerous confidence (Dangerous confidence)
4. Big Freeze (Big Freeze)
5. Prophecy (Prophecy)
6. Hero (Hero)
7. Potato Festival (Potato Festival)
8. A Spiny Danger (A Spiny Danger)
9. Flood (Flood)
10. The Day of the Cactus (The Day of the Cactus)
11. The Big Change (The Big Change)
12. Sand Fleas (Sand Fleas)
13. The Lost Dragon (The Lost Dragon)
14. My baby (My baby)
15. The Ice Beast (The Ice Beast)
16. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
17. Peace Play (Peace Play)
18. Genie (Genie)
19. Kidnapped (Kidnapped)
20. Sweet Dreams Hamsin (Sweet Dreams Hamsin)
21. The Thundwerbird (The Thundwerbird)
22. Bully for You (Bully for You)
23. The Scrying Game (The Scrying Game)
24. Dragon Mountain (Dragon Mountain)
25. The Sands of Doom (The Sands of Doom)
26. Majority Rules (Majority Rules)
3. série
1. The Dragon Pendant (The Dragon Pendant)
2. The Quest (The Quest)
3. Scary Story (Scary Story)
4. Tabaluga Challenge (Tabaluga Challenge)
5. Fire Stone (Fire Stone)
6. Little Wonder (Little Wonder)
7. Arktos The Good (Arktos The Good)
8. The Gloomy Forest (The Gloomy Forest)
9. Mother Arktos (Mother Arktos)
10. Eye in the Sky (Eye in the Sky)
11. Do not Forget to Remember (Do not Forget to Remember)
12. Fool's Gold (Fool's Gold)
13. Where is Winter? (Where is Winter?)
14. Whale of a Tale (Whale of a Tale)
15. Last Gasp (Last Gasp)
16. Troubled Waters (Troubled Waters)
17. Hidden Treasures (Hidden Treasures)
18. Wish Upon a Star (Wish Upon a Star)
19. Who's Who (Who's Who)
20. The Hidden Chamber (The Hidden Chamber)
21. Ready, Set, Go! (Ready, Set, Go!)
22. Digby's Promise (Digby's Promise)
23. Kayo: Friend or Foe? (Kayo: Friend or Foe?)
24. Menace in the Mountains (Menace in the Mountains)
25. Dragon World (Dragon World)
26. Lost Pendant (Lost Pendant)