Terapie online

Terapie online (Web Therapy) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Click To Start (Click To Start)
2. Desperate Measures (Desperate Measures)
3. Shrink Rap (Shrink Rap)
4. Public Relations (Public Relations)
5. Shrinking & Growing (Shrinking & Growing)
6. We've Got a Secret (We've Got a Secret)
7. Exposed! (Exposed!)
8. Psychic Analysis (Psychic Analysis)
9. Whistle While You Work (Whistle While You Work)
10. Strange Bedfellows (Strange Bedfellows)
2. série
1. Getting It Straight (Getting It Straight)
2. Blindsides and Backslides (Blindsides and Backslides)
3. Campaign Reform (Campaign Reform)
4. Sister Act (Sister Act)
5. National Exposure (National Exposure)
6. Adaptation (Adaptation)
7. Infanticipation (Infanticipation)
8. Man-Cave Man (Man-Cave Man)
9. The Insanity Offense (The Insanity Offense)
10. Stalk Therapy (Stalk Therapy)
11. Electile Dysfunction (Electile Dysfunction)
3. série
1. Relax, Reboot, Revenge (Relax, Reboot, Revenge)
2. Who Doesn't Love Musicals (Who Doesn't Love Musicals)
3. Believe It Or Not (Believe It Or Not)
4. Case Files (Case Files)
5. Stage Struck (Stage Struck)
6. Love Stories (Love Stories)
7. Games People Play (Games People Play)
8. Husband Hunting (Husband Hunting)
9. Affairs To Remember (Affairs To Remember)
10. No Place Like Home (No Place Like Home)
4. série
1. Call in the Light (Call in the Light)
2. Arguing in Agreement (Arguing in Agreement)
3. Trust Exercise (Trust Exercise)
4. Smile Through the Pain (Smile Through the Pain)
5. In Angus We Trust (In Angus We Trust)
6. Charity Galore (Charity Galore)
7. Drink to Forget (Drink to Forget)
8. Lost on the Young (Lost on the Young)
9. Judicial Oversight (Judicial Oversight)
10. Lies and Alibis (Lies and Alibis)
11. No Stranger to Scandal (No Stranger to Scandal)
12. Fiona Fulfilled (Fiona Fulfilled)