The Abbott and Costello Show

The Abbott and Costello Show (Abbott and Costello Show, The)
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1. série
1. The Drugstore (The Drugstore)
2. The Dentist's Office (The Dentist's Office)
3. Jail (Jail)
4. The Vacation (The Vacation)
5. The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
6. Alaska (Alaska)
7. The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman)
8. The Army Story (The Army Story)
9. Pots and Pans (Pots and Pans)
10. The Charity Bazaar (The Charity Bazaar)
11. The Western Story (The Western Story)
12. The Haunted Castle (The Haunted Castle)
13. Peace and Quiet (Peace and Quiet)
14. Hungry (Hungry)
15. The Music Lover (The Music Lover)
16. The Politician (The Politician)
17. The Wrestling Match (The Wrestling Match)
18. Getting a Job (Getting a Job)
19. Bingo (Bingo)
20. Hillary's Birthday (Hillary's Birthday)
21. Television (Television)
22. Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
23. Little Old Lady (Little Old Lady)
24. The Actors' Home (The Actors' Home)
25. Police Rookies (Police Rookies)
26. Safari (Safari)
2. série
1. The Paperhangers (The Paperhangers)
2. Uncle Bozzo's Visit (Uncle Bozzo's Visit)
3. In Society (In Society)
4. Life Insurance (Life Insurance)
5. Pest Exterminators (Pest Exterminators)
6. Killer's Wife (Killer's Wife)
7. Cheapskates (Cheapskates)
8. South of Dixie (South of Dixie)
9. From Bed to Worse (From Bed to Worse)
10. $1000 TV Prize ($1000 TV Prize)
11. Amnesia (Amnesia)
12. Efficiency Experts (Efficiency Experts)
13. Car Trouble (Car Trouble)
14. Wife Wanted (Wife Wanted)
15. Uncle from New Jersey (Uncle from New Jersey)
16. Private Eye (Private Eye)
17. The Tax Return (The Tax Return)
18. Public Enemies (Public Enemies)
19. Bank Holdup (Bank Holdup)
20. Well Oiled (Well Oiled)
21. The Pigeon (The Pigeon)
22. Honeymoon House (Honeymoon House)
23. Fencing Master (Fencing Master)
24. Beauty Contest (Beauty Contest)
25. Fall Guy (Fall Guy)
26. Barber Lou (Barber Lou)