The Apprentice

The Apprentice (Apprentice, The)
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1. série
1. Meet the Billionaire (Meet the Billionaire)
2. Sex, Lies and Altitude (Sex, Lies and Altitude)
3. Respect (Respect)
4. Ethics Shmethics (Ethics Shmethics)
5. Trading Places (Trading Places)
6. Tit for Tat (Tit for Tat)
7. Dupe-lex (Dupe-lex)
8. Ice Escapades (Ice Escapades)
9. DNA, Heads and the Undead Kitty (DNA, Heads and the Undead Kitty)
10. Wheeling and Dealing (Wheeling and Dealing)
11. A Look Back (A Look Back)
12. Circus, Circus (Circus, Circus)
13. The Price Is Height (The Price Is Height)
14. Down to the Wire: Part 1 (Down to the Wire: Part 1)
15. Down to the Wire: Part 2 (Down to the Wire: Part 2)
16. Down to the Wire: Part 3 (Down to the Wire: Part 3)
2. série
1. Toying with Disaster (Toying with Disaster)
2. Scoop Dreams (Scoop Dreams)
3. Send in the Crowns (Send in the Crowns)
4. The Last Supper (The Last Supper)
5. Lights! Camera! Transaction! (Lights! Camera! Transaction!)
6. Crimes of Fashion (Crimes of Fashion)
7. Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)
8. A Tale of Two Leaders (A Tale of Two Leaders)
9. Bringing Down the House (Bringing Down the House)
10. Runaway Pride (Runaway Pride)
11. The Butt Stops Here (The Butt Stops Here)
12. The Pepsi Challenged (The Pepsi Challenged)
13. Sweet and Lowdown (Sweet and Lowdown)
14. Intellectual Horsepower (Intellectual Horsepower)
15. Decision Time (Decision Time)
3. série
1. Whopper 101 (Whopper 101)
2. Motel 666 (Motel 666)
3. Trouble Is Brewing (Trouble Is Brewing)
4. Soap Dopes (Soap Dopes)
5. Airstream of Consciousness (Airstream of Consciousness)
6. The Writing on the Wall (The Writing on the Wall)
7. Project Putt Putt (Project Putt Putt)
8. Bling It On (Bling It On)
9. What You Didn't See (What You Didn't See)
10. Pandora's Box (Pandora's Box)
11. The Pie's the Limit (The Pie's the Limit)
12. Seams Stress (Seams Stress)
13. A Lonely Drive (A Lonely Drive)
14. I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter (I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter)
15. Bedazzled by a Beefy T (Bedazzled by a Beefy T)
16. The Games People Play (The Games People Play)
17. Into the Stretch: Part 1 (Into the Stretch: Part 1)
18. Into the Stretch: Part 2 (Into the Stretch: Part 2)
4. série
1. Let's Get Physical (Let's Get Physical)
2. There's No 'I' in Team (There's No 'I' in Team)
3. Something Old, Something New (Something Old, Something New)
4. Ice Cream of Genie (Ice Cream of Genie)
5. Lost in Space (Lost in Space)
6. Take Me Out to the Boardroom (Take Me Out to the Boardroom)
7. Back to School (Back to School)
8. Store Wars (Store Wars)
9. One Hit Blunder (One Hit Blunder)
10. Clip Show (Clip Show)
11. Shaniagans (Shaniagans)
12. To Lead or Not to Lead (To Lead or Not to Lead)
13. The Final Showdown (The Final Showdown)
14. Season Finale (Season Finale)
5. série
1. Summer of Sam's (Summer of Sam's)
2. The Razor's Edge (The Razor's Edge)
3. Get It in Gear (Get It in Gear)
4. Cereal Killers (Cereal Killers)
5. Cruise Control (Cruise Control)
6. King of the Jingle (King of the Jingle)
7. It's More Than Décor (It's More Than Décor)
8. A Slice of Heaven (A Slice of Heaven)
9. Assault on Battery (Assault on Battery)
10. Blow Out (Blow Out)
11. Back to School (Back to School)
12. Backs Against the Wal-Mart (Backs Against the Wal-Mart)
13. Who Wears the Pants? (Who Wears the Pants?)
14. The Final Battle (The Final Battle)
15. Season Finale (Season Finale)
6. série
1. To Have and Have Not (To Have and Have Not)
2. Pink Is the New Black (Pink Is the New Black)
3. Hollywood Walk of Shame (Hollywood Walk of Shame)
4. Drive-Thru Duel (Drive-Thru Duel)
5. To Bee or Not to Bee (To Bee or Not to Bee)
6. Travel Sweepstakes Smackdown (Travel Sweepstakes Smackdown)
7. Life in the Luxury Lane (Life in the Luxury Lane)
8. Bend It Like Donald (Bend It Like Donald)
9. Soap Gets in Your Eyes (Soap Gets in Your Eyes)
10. Girls on Rollerskates (Girls on Rollerskates)
11. Shut Your Smartmouth (Shut Your Smartmouth)
12. Las Vegas, Baby! (Las Vegas, Baby!)
13. The Final Four (The Final Four)
14. Decision Time (Decision Time)
7. série
1. Task: Selling Hot Dogs (Task: Selling Hot Dogs)
2. Its All About Business 101 (Its All About Business 101)
3. Mr. Outside the Box (Mr. Outside the Box)
4. A Knight on Broadway (A Knight on Broadway)
5. The Croc and the Rat (The Croc and the Rat)
6. Window of Opportunity (Window of Opportunity)
7. The Mane Event (The Mane Event)
8. Quality, Value and Chaos (Quality, Value and Chaos)
9. The Money Shot (The Money Shot)
10. Painting by Numbers (Painting by Numbers)
11. Bread and Badda-Bing (Bread and Badda-Bing)
12. Going Once, Going Twice, You're Fired (Going Once, Going Twice, You're Fired)
13. Under the Hammer (Under the Hammer)
8. série
1. Cupcake Challenge (Cupcake Challenge)
2. Comic Book Character Challenge (Comic Book Character Challenge)
3. Wedding Dress Challenge (Wedding Dress Challenge)
4. Video Camera Challenge (Video Camera Challenge)
5. Hotel Challenge (Hotel Challenge)
6. Viral Video Challenge (Viral Video Challenge)
7. Life Lock and Jewelry Challenges (Life Lock and Jewelry Challenges)
8. Jewelry Auction Challenge (Jewelry Auction Challenge)
9. Deodorant Ad Challenge (Deodorant Ad Challenge)
10. Ad Jingle Challenge (Ad Jingle Challenge)
11. The Final Challenge (The Final Challenge)
9. série
1. Diner Task (Diner Task)
2. Kodak Task (Kodak Task)
3. Episode #9.3 (Episode #9.3)
4. Episode #9.4 (Episode #9.4)
5. Shooting with the Stars (Shooting with the Stars)
6. Music Makeover (Music Makeover)
7. Episode #9.7 (Episode #9.7)
8. Episode #9.8 (Episode #9.8)
9. Episode #9.9 (Episode #9.9)
10. Episode #9.10 (Episode #9.10)
11. Episode #9.11 (Episode #9.11)
10. série
1. Episode #10.1 (Episode #10.1)
2. Episode #10.2 (Episode #10.2)
3. Episode #10.3 (Episode #10.3)
4. Snack Attack (Snack Attack)
5. Rock the Catwalk (Rock the Catwalk)
6. Pedicab Confessions (Pedicab Confessions)
7. Broadway Boardroom (Broadway Boardroom)
8. Dressed to Kill (Dressed to Kill)
9. Episode #10.9 (Episode #10.9)
10. Must-See Mobile TV (Must-See Mobile TV)
11. Driving Miz-Rahi (Driving Miz-Rahi)
12. Tee'd Off (Tee'd Off)
13. Welcome to the Club (Welcome to the Club)
11. série
1. Pepperoni Profit (Pepperoni Profit)
2. Child's Play (Child's Play)
3. Unhappy Campers (Unhappy Campers)
4. Off the Hook (Off the Hook)
5. The Art of the Deal (The Art of the Deal)
6. Australian Gold (Australian Gold)
7. Raising the Steaks (Raising the Steaks)
8. Bitter Suites (Bitter Suites)
9. Shear Madness (Shear Madness)
10. Laugh On (Laugh On)
11. Retro Rumble (Retro Rumble)
12. 7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory (7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory)
12. série
1. Hero Worship (Hero Worship)
2. Getting Medieval (Getting Medieval)
3. How Much is That Celebrity in the Window? (How Much is That Celebrity in the Window?)
4. Failure to Launch (Failure to Launch)
5. I'm Going to Mop the Floor with You (I'm Going to Mop the Floor with You)
6. Party Like a Mock-Star (Party Like a Mock-Star)
7. Walking Papers (Walking Papers)
8. Ad Hawk (Ad Hawk)
9. Puppet Up! (Puppet Up!)
10. Winning by a Nose (Winning by a Nose)
11. Jingle All the Way Home (Jingle All the Way Home)
12. Blown Away (Blown Away)
13. And Then There Were Two (And Then There Were Two)
14. And the Winner Is ... (And the Winner Is ...)
13. série
1. The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House (The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House)
2. Just as Simple as Making Soup (Just as Simple as Making Soup)
3. I'm Being Punked by a Jackson (I'm Being Punked by a Jackson)
4. Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him (Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him)
5. Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain (Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain)
6. How Do You Spell Melania (How Do You Spell Melania)
7. The First Leaf That Hits the Ground (The First Leaf That Hits the Ground)
8. Are You My Zulu Dancing Man? (Are You My Zulu Dancing Man?)
9. Ahab's in Charge, and He's Gone Mad (Ahab's in Charge, and He's Gone Mad)
10. The Mayor of Stress Town (The Mayor of Stress Town)
11. May the Spoon Be with You (May the Spoon Be with You)
12. One of Us Will Win, But Not by Much (One of Us Will Win, But Not by Much)
14. série
1. May the Gods of Good Pies Be with Us (May the Gods of Good Pies Be with Us)
2. Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump (Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump)
3. A Family Affair (A Family Affair)
4. I Wish I Had a Project Manager (I Wish I Had a Project Manager)
5. It's Like a Booze Cruise with Knowledge (It's Like a Booze Cruise with Knowledge)
6. Who Stole My Phone? (Who Stole My Phone?)
7. Universal Wizards (Universal Wizards)
8. Live Finale: A New Celebrity Apprentice Is Crowned (Live Finale: A New Celebrity Apprentice Is Crowned)