The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Dick Van Dyke Show, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Sick Boy and the Sitter (The Sick Boy and the Sitter)
2. My Blonde-Haired Brunette (My Blonde-Haired Brunette)
3. Sally and the Lab Technician (Sally and the Lab Technician)
4. Washington vs. the Bunny (Washington vs. the Bunny)
5. Oh, How We Met on the Night That We Danced (Oh, How We Met on the Night That We Danced)
6. Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo. (Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.)
7. Jealousy! (Jealousy!)
8. To Tell or Not to Tell (To Tell or Not to Tell)
9. The Unwelcome Houseguest (The Unwelcome Houseguest)
10. The Meershatz Pipe (The Meershatz Pipe)
11. Forty-Four Tickets (Forty-Four Tickets)
12. Empress Carlotta's Necklace (Empress Carlotta's Necklace)
13. Sally Is a Girl (Sally Is a Girl)
14. Buddy, Can You Spare a Job? (Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?)
15. Where Did I Come From? (Where Did I Come From?)
16. The Curious Thing About Women (The Curious Thing About Women)
17. Punch Thy Neighbor (Punch Thy Neighbor)
18. Who Owes Who What? (Who Owes Who What?)
19. The Talented Neighborhood (The Talented Neighborhood)
20. A Word a Day (A Word a Day)
21. The Boarder Incident (The Boarder Incident)
22. Father of the Week (Father of the Week)
23. The Twizzle (The Twizzle)
24. One Angry Man (One Angry Man)
25. Where You Been, Fassbinder? (Where You Been, Fassbinder?)
26. I Am My Brother's Keeper (I Am My Brother's Keeper)
27. The Sleeping Brother (The Sleeping Brother)
28. The Bad Old Days (The Bad Old Days)
29. Sol and the Sponsor (Sol and the Sponsor)
30. The Return of Happy Spangler (The Return of Happy Spangler)
2. série
1. Never Name a Duck (Never Name a Duck)
2. The Two Faces of Rob (The Two Faces of Rob)
3. The Attempted Marriage (The Attempted Marriage)
4. Bank Book 6565696 (Bank Book 6565696)
5. Hustling the Hustler (Hustling the Hustler)
6. My Husband Is Not a Drunk (My Husband Is Not a Drunk)
7. What's in a Middle Name? (What's in a Middle Name?)
8. Like a Sister (Like a Sister)
9. The Night the Roof Fell In (The Night the Roof Fell In)
10. The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally (The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally)
11. A Bird in the Head Hurts (A Bird in the Head Hurts)
12. Gesundheit, Darling (Gesundheit, Darling)
13. A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own (A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own)
14. Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra (Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra)
15. The Cat Burglar (The Cat Burglar)
16. The Foul Weather Girl (The Foul Weather Girl)
17. Will You Two Be My Wife? (Will You Two Be My Wife?)
18. Ray Murdock's X-Ray (Ray Murdock's X-Ray)
19. I Was a Teenage Head Writer (I Was a Teenage Head Writer)
20. It May Look Like a Walnut (It May Look Like a Walnut)
21. My Husband Is a Check-Grabber (My Husband Is a Check-Grabber)
22. Don't Trip Over That Mountain (Don't Trip Over That Mountain)
23. Give Me Your Walls (Give Me Your Walls)
24. The Sam Pomerantz Scandals (The Sam Pomerantz Scandals)
25. The Square Triangle (The Square Triangle)
26. I'm No Henry Walden (I'm No Henry Walden)
27. Racy Tracy Rattigan (Racy Tracy Rattigan)
28. Divorce (Divorce)
29. It's a Shame She Married Me (It's a Shame She Married Me)
30. A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise (A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise)
31. Jilting the Jilter (Jilting the Jilter)
32. When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen (When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen)
3. série
1. That's My Boy?? (That's My Boy??)
2. The Masterpiece (The Masterpiece)
3. Laura's Little Lie (Laura's Little Lie)
4. Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice (Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice)
5. All About Eavesdropping (All About Eavesdropping)
6. Too Many Stars (Too Many Stars)
7. Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius? (Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius?)
8. Uncle George (Uncle George)
9. Big Max Calvada (Big Max Calvada)
10. The Ballad of the Betty Lou (The Ballad of the Betty Lou)
11. Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors (Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors)
12. The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears... (The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears...)
13. The Alan Brady Show Presents (The Alan Brady Show Presents)
14. The Third One from the Left (The Third One from the Left)
15. My Husband Is the Best One (My Husband Is the Best One)
16. The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer (The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer)
17. The Life and Love of Joe Coogan (The Life and Love of Joe Coogan)
18. A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards (A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards)
19. Happy Birthday and Too Many More (Happy Birthday and Too Many More)
20. The Brave and the Backache (The Brave and the Backache)
21. The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth (The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth)
22. My Part-Time Wife (My Part-Time Wife)
23. Honeymoons Are for the Lucky (Honeymoons Are for the Lucky)
24. How to Spank a Star (How to Spank a Star)
25. The Plots Thicken (The Plots Thicken)
26. Scratch My Car and Die (Scratch My Car and Die)
27. The Return of Edwin Carp (The Return of Edwin Carp)
28. October Eve (October Eve)
29. Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail (Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail)
30. My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life (My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life)
31. I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All (I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All)
32. Teacher's Petrie (Teacher's Petrie)
4. série
1. My Mother Can Beat Up My Father (My Mother Can Beat Up My Father)
2. The Ghost of A. Chantz (The Ghost of A. Chantz)
3. The Lady and the Baby Sitter (The Lady and the Baby Sitter)
4. A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat (A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat)
5. The Man from 'Emperor' (The Man from 'Emperor')
6. Romance, Roses and Rye Bread (Romance, Roses and Rye Bread)
7. 4½ (4½)
8. The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail (The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail)
9. Three Letters from One Wife (Three Letters from One Wife)
10. Pink Pills and Purple Parents (Pink Pills and Purple Parents)
11. It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise (It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise)
12. The Death of the Party (The Death of the Party)
13. My Two Showoffs and Me (My Two Showoffs and Me)
14. Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk (Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk)
15. Brother, Can You Spare $2500? (Brother, Can You Spare $2500?)
16. The Impractical Joke (The Impractical Joke)
17. Stacey Petrie: Part I (Stacey Petrie: Part I)
18. Stacey Petrie: Part II (Stacey Petrie: Part II)
19. Boy #1, Boy #2 (Boy #1, Boy #2)
20. The Redcoats Are Coming (The Redcoats Are Coming)
21. The Case of the Pillow (The Case of the Pillow)
22. Young Man with a Shoehorn (Young Man with a Shoehorn)
23. Girls Will Be Boys (Girls Will Be Boys)
24. Bupkis (Bupkis)
25. Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home (Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home)
26. Anthony Stone (Anthony Stone)
27. Never Bathe on Saturday (Never Bathe on Saturday)
28. Show of Hands (Show of Hands)
29. Baby Fat (Baby Fat)
30. One Hundred Terrible Hours (One Hundred Terrible Hours)
31. Br-rooom, Br-rooom (Br-rooom, Br-rooom)
32. There's No Sale Like Wholesale (There's No Sale Like Wholesale)
5. série
1. Coast to Coast Big Mouth (Coast to Coast Big Mouth)
2. A Farewell to Writing (A Farewell to Writing)
3. Uhny Uftz (Uhny Uftz)
4. The Ugliest Dog in the World (The Ugliest Dog in the World)
5. No Rice at My Wedding (No Rice at My Wedding)
6. Draw Me a Pear (Draw Me a Pear)
7. The Great Petrie Fortune (The Great Petrie Fortune)
8. Odd But True (Odd But True)
9. Viva Petrie (Viva Petrie)
10. Go Tell the Birds and the Bees (Go Tell the Birds and the Bees)
11. Body and Sol (Body and Sol)
12. See Rob Write, Write Rob Write (See Rob Write, Write Rob Write)
13. You're Under Arrest (You're Under Arrest)
14. Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work (Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work)
15. Who Stole My Watch (Who Stole My Watch)
16. I Do Not Choose to Run (I Do Not Choose to Run)
17. The Making of a Councilman (The Making of a Councilman)
18. The Curse of the Petrie People (The Curse of the Petrie People)
19. The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart (The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart)
20. Remember the Alimony (Remember the Alimony)
21. Dear Sally Rogers (Dear Sally Rogers)
22. Buddy Sorrell Man and Boy (Buddy Sorrell Man and Boy)
23. Bad Reception in Albany (Bad Reception in Albany)
24. Talk to the Snail (Talk to the Snail)
25. A Day in the Life of Alan Brady (A Day in the Life of Alan Brady)
26. Obnoxious, Offensive Egomaniac Etc (Obnoxious, Offensive Egomaniac Etc)
27. The Man from My Uncle (The Man from My Uncle)
28. You Ought to Be in Pictures (You Ought to Be in Pictures)
29. Love Thy Other Neighbor (Love Thy Other Neighbor)
30. Long Nights Journey Into Day (Long Nights Journey Into Day)
31. The Gunslinger (The Gunslinger)
32. The Last Chapter (The Last Chapter)