The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits (Outer Limits, The)
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1. série
1. The Galaxy Being (The Galaxy Being)
2. The Hundred Days of the Dragon (The Hundred Days of the Dragon)
3. The Architects of Fear (The Architects of Fear)
4. The Man with the Power (The Man with the Power)
5. The Sixth Finger (The Sixth Finger)
6. The Man Who Was Never Born (The Man Who Was Never Born)
7. O.B.I.T. (O.B.I.T.)
8. The Human Factor (The Human Factor)
9. Corpus Earthling (Corpus Earthling)
10. Nightmare (Nightmare)
11. It Crawled Out of the Woodwork (It Crawled Out of the Woodwork)
12. The Borderland (The Borderland)
13. Tourist Attraction (Tourist Attraction)
14. The Zanti Misfits (The Zanti Misfits)
15. The Mice (The Mice)
16. Controlled Experiment (Controlled Experiment)
17. Don't Open Till Doomsday (Don't Open Till Doomsday)
19. The Invisibles (The Invisibles)
20. The Bellero Shield (The Bellero Shield)
21. The Children of Spider County (The Children of Spider County)
22. Specimen: Unknown (Specimen: Unknown)
23. Second Chance (Second Chance)
24. Moonstone (Moonstone)
25. The Mutant (The Mutant)
26. The Guests (The Guests)
27. Fun and Games (Fun and Games)
28. The Special One (The Special One)
29. A Feasibility Study (A Feasibility Study)
30. Production and Decay of Strange Particles (Production and Decay of Strange Particles)
31. The Chameleon (The Chameleon)
32. The Forms of Things Unknown (The Forms of Things Unknown)
2. série
1. Soldier (Soldier)
2. Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Cold Hands, Warm Heart)
3. Behold Eck! (Behold Eck!)
4. Expanding Human (Expanding Human)
5. Demon with a Glass Hand (Demon with a Glass Hand)
6. Cry of Silence (Cry of Silence)
7. The Invisible Enemy (The Invisible Enemy)
8. Wolf 359 (Wolf 359)
9. I, Robot (I, Robot)
10. The Inheritors: Part I (The Inheritors: Part I)
11. The Inheritors: Part 2 (The Inheritors: Part 2)
12. Keeper of the Purple Twilight (Keeper of the Purple Twilight)
13. The Duplicate Man (The Duplicate Man)
14. Counterweight (Counterweight)
15. The Brain of Colonel Barham (The Brain of Colonel Barham)
16. The Premonition (The Premonition)
17. The Probe (The Probe)