Paničky z Orange County

Paničky z Orange County (Real Housewives of Orange County, The)
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1. série
1. Meet the Wives (Meet the Wives)
2. Is It Hunting Season, Yet? (Is It Hunting Season, Yet?)
3. Upgrading Has Nothing to Do with You Honey (Upgrading Has Nothing to Do with You Honey)
4. Talk, Talk, Talk (Talk, Talk, Talk)
5. Cut the P and Lem Out of Problem and You Get ROB (Cut the P and Lem Out of Problem and You Get ROB)
6. Shocking News (Shocking News)
7. The Finale (The Finale)
8. Reunion (Reunion)
2. série
1. The Housewives Are Back! (The Housewives Are Back!)
2. Be Nice to the New Girl (Be Nice to the New Girl)
3. Watch Out Bitches! (Watch Out Bitches!)
4. Relationships Are Better Than Your Head (Relationships Are Better Than Your Head)
5. Stranger in Your House (Stranger in Your House)
6. Studio, Jewelry, and Babies (Studio, Jewelry, and Babies)
7. Jo Jo the Housewife (Jo Jo the Housewife)
8. Birthday Sex (Birthday Sex)
9. Nerve Wracking (Nerve Wracking)
3. série
1. Behind the Orange Curtain (Behind the Orange Curtain)
2. My Baby Is All Grown Up (My Baby Is All Grown Up)
3. Girls Gone Wild (Girls Gone Wild)
4. Pantry Raid! (Pantry Raid!)
5. Rebels Without a Cause (Rebels Without a Cause)
6. The Boys of Summer (The Boys of Summer)
7. Moving Violations (Moving Violations)
8. Family Vacation (Family Vacation)
9. Frienemies (Frienemies)
10. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend)
11. Here Comes the Bride (Here Comes the Bride)
12. The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special (The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special)
4. série
1. Are They for Real (Are They for Real)
2. Hold on to Your Daddies (Hold on to Your Daddies)
3. Love Tanks (Love Tanks)
4. You Just Don't Get It (You Just Don't Get It)
5. 120 in the Shade (120 in the Shade)
6. Cut! (Cut!)
7. And They're Off... (And They're Off...)
8. Naked Wasted (Naked Wasted)
9. Why Are You Being So Mean to Me? (Why Are You Being So Mean to Me?)
10. The Girls Want to Come Out and Play (The Girls Want to Come Out and Play)
11. Vegas Baby (Vegas Baby)
12. Are We There Yet? (Are We There Yet?)
13. Bling Bling (Bling Bling)
14. Episode #4.14 (Episode #4.14)
15. The Lost Footage (The Lost Footage)
5. série
1. When Times Get Tough, the Tough Go Shopping (When Times Get Tough, the Tough Go Shopping)
2. Friends, Enemies and Husbands (Friends, Enemies and Husbands)
3. It Ends in Coto de Caza (It Ends in Coto de Caza)
4. It's All About Choices (It's All About Choices)
5. Friends, Facelifts and Florida (Friends, Facelifts and Florida)
6. All Girls Weekend (All Girls Weekend)
7. Love and War (Love and War)
8. Let Bygones Be Bygones (Let Bygones Be Bygones)
9. No Boundaries (No Boundaries)
10. I Can't Stop (I Can't Stop)
11. Nothing Is as It Seems (Nothing Is as It Seems)
12. You Can Dish It But You Can't Take It (You Can Dish It But You Can't Take It)
13. Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray (Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray)
14. This Is How We Do It in the O.C. (This Is How We Do It in the O.C.)
15. Is This All There Is? (Is This All There Is?)
16. Reunion Special, Part 1 (Reunion Special, Part 1)
17. Reunion Special, Part 2 (Reunion Special, Part 2)
6. série
1. Amped Blondes & Evil Eyes (Amped Blondes & Evil Eyes)
2. Shameless in Seattle (Shameless in Seattle)
3. A New Lease on Life (A New Lease on Life)
4. Body Shots (Body Shots)
5. No Hate (No Hate)
6. What a Difference a Year Makes (What a Difference a Year Makes)
7. Riches to Rags (Riches to Rags)
8. Kiss and Tell (Kiss and Tell)
9. Whine Pairings (Whine Pairings)
10. It's Not a Competition (It's Not a Competition)
11. Cutting Loose (Cutting Loose)
12. Fashion Victim (Fashion Victim)
13. Girl Fight (Girl Fight)
14. Reunion Part 1 (Reunion Part 1)
15. Reunion Part 2 (Reunion Part 2)
16. Lost Footage Special (Lost Footage Special)
7. série
1. Top 20 Reunion Moments (Top 20 Reunion Moments)
2. Stranger Things Have Happened (Stranger Things Have Happened)
3. Southern Hospitality (Southern Hospitality)
4. The Honeymoon Is Over (The Honeymoon Is Over)
5. Who's Laughing Now (Who's Laughing Now)
6. He Said What? (He Said What?)
7. The Party's Over (The Party's Over)
8. Under the Knife (Under the Knife)
9. Dirty Housewives (Dirty Housewives)
10. Bowling for Champs (Bowling for Champs)
11. Cabin Fever (Cabin Fever)
12. What's New, Pussycat? (What's New, Pussycat?)
13. Bombs Away (Bombs Away)
14. Whine and Cheese (Whine and Cheese)
15. Happily Never After (Happily Never After)
16. Scream Therapy (Scream Therapy)
17. Rumble in the Jungle (Rumble in the Jungle)
18. Monkey Business (Monkey Business)
19. Will He or Won't He (Will He or Won't He)
20. Finale Part I: Let Them Eat Cake (Finale Part I: Let Them Eat Cake)
21. Finale Part II: Are You in or Out? (Finale Part II: Are You in or Out?)
22. Reunion Part 1 (Reunion Part 1)
23. Reunion Part 2 (Reunion Part 2)
24. Lost Footage Special (Lost Footage Special)
8. série
1. Bullies and Babies (Bullies and Babies)
2. Making Up Is Hard to Do (Making Up Is Hard to Do)
3. It's My Party and I'll Scream If I Want To (It's My Party and I'll Scream If I Want To)
4. A Star Is Reborn (A Star Is Reborn)
5. Whines by Wives (Whines by Wives)
6. Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy)
7. Viva Mexico (Viva Mexico)
8. Dirty Dancing In Mexico (Dirty Dancing In Mexico)
9. Chicks and Salsa (Chicks and Salsa)
10. Wedding Dress Stress (Wedding Dress Stress)
11. The Cold War (The Cold War)
12. Hold Your Tongue (Hold Your Tongue)
13. Crossroads (Crossroads)
14. An Immodest Proposal (An Immodest Proposal)
15. Cold Shoulders (Cold Shoulders)
16. Reunion: Part One (Reunion: Part One)
17. Reunion: Part Two (Reunion: Part Two)
18. Reunion: Part Three (Reunion: Part Three)
19. Secrets Revealed (Secrets Revealed)
9. série
1. Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh (Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh)
2. Meet & Potatoes (Meet & Potatoes)
3. Fakesgiving, Fake Friends (Fakesgiving, Fake Friends)
4. Pretty Ugly (Pretty Ugly)
5. I Couldn't Chair Less (I Couldn't Chair Less)
6. Showdown at the Hoedown (Showdown at the Hoedown)
7. Choke-Lahoma (Choke-Lahoma)
8. Not So Silent Night (Not So Silent Night)
9. Not a Good Day LA (Not a Good Day LA)
10. Skunk in the Barnyard (Skunk in the Barnyard)
11. Making Woo-Hoo-Py (Making Woo-Hoo-Py)
12. La-Bomb-Ba (La-Bomb-Ba)
13. Point 'Break' (Point 'Break')
14. Fully Loaded (Fully Loaded)
15. Valentines & Birthday Whines (Valentines & Birthday Whines)
16. Bali Highs & Lows (Bali Highs & Lows)
17. Eat, Pray, Run (Eat, Pray, Run)
18. All Apologies (All Apologies)
19. Reunion Part 1 (Reunion Part 1)
20. Reunion Part 2 (Reunion Part 2)
21. Secrets Revealed (Secrets Revealed)
10. série
0. Season 10, First Look (8) (Season 10, First Look (8))
1. Under Construction (Under Construction)
2. Take a Swing (Take a Swing)
3. Whine Country (Whine Country)
4. Charity Case (Charity Case)
5. Game Changer (Game Changer)
6. Full Circle (Full Circle)
7. Bowling in Heels (Bowling in Heels)
8. Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies (Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies)
9. Swimming With Sharks (Swimming With Sharks)
10. Girl Code (Girl Code)
11. A Psychic Surprise (A Psychic Surprise)
12. Racing To The Truth (Racing To The Truth)
13. Sex, Lies & Leeches (Sex, Lies & Leeches)
14. A Storm Is Coming (A Storm Is Coming)
15. Fire Signs (Fire Signs)
16. Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Minds)
17. Broken Records (Broken Records)
18. Satan Loves Confusion (Satan Loves Confusion)
19. Baptism By Fire (Baptism By Fire)
20. Reunion, Part 1 (Reunion, Part 1)
21. Reunion, Part Two (Reunion, Part Two)
22. Reunion Part Three (Reunion Part Three)
23. Brooks Tells All (Brooks Tells All)
24. Secrets Revealed (Secrets Revealed)
11. série
1. When The Ship Hits The Fan (When The Ship Hits The Fan)
2. Making Friends But Not Amends (Making Friends But Not Amends)
3. Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair (Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair)
4. Frozen Assets (Frozen Assets)
5. Boogie Fights (Boogie Fights)
6. Frenemies of the State (Frenemies of the State)
7. Something's Fishy (Something's Fishy)
8. Shannon Gets Her Groove Back (Shannon Gets Her Groove Back)
9. Woo Hoo Weekend (Woo Hoo Weekend)
10. Shock and Roll (Shock and Roll)
11. The Moral Minority (The Moral Minority)
12. Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs (Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs)
13. Bye, Bye Beadors (Bye, Bye Beadors)
14. Secrets, Lies and Vicki's New Guy (Secrets, Lies and Vicki's New Guy)
15. Shamrocks and Shockwaves (Shamrocks and Shockwaves)
16. Bringing Up Old Ghosts (Bringing Up Old Ghosts)
17. Puppet Strings and Tamra's Wings (Puppet Strings and Tamra's Wings)
18. Vicious Lies and Broken Ties (Vicious Lies and Broken Ties)
19. Reunion Part 1 (Reunion Part 1)
20. Reunion Part 2 (Reunion Part 2)
21. Reunion Part 3 (Reunion Part 3)
12. série
1. The Great Divide (The Great Divide)
2. It's Either My Way or the Feng Shui (It's Either My Way or the Feng Shui)
3. TBA (TBA)
4. We Have A New Puppet Master (We Have A New Puppet Master)
5. Moving In, Moving On and Moving Fast (Moving In, Moving On and Moving Fast)
6. The Sip-N-See Stand Off (The Sip-N-See Stand Off)
7. Episode 7 (Episode 7)
8. Run For Your Wife (Run For Your Wife)
9. Drag Bingo Bombshell (Drag Bingo Bombshell)
10. Loose Lips Sink Friendships (Loose Lips Sink Friendships)
11. Breast Intentions (Breast Intentions)
12. Farm-to-Table Manners (Farm-to-Table Manners)
13. TBA (TBA)
14. Armenian Rhapsody (Armenian Rhapsody)
15. Mystic Mistake (Mystic Mistake)
16. An Unexpected Thaw (An Unexpected Thaw)
18. The Real Vikings of Orange County (The Real Vikings of Orange County)
20. Reunion Part 1 (Reunion Part 1)
21. Reunion (Part 2) (Reunion (Part 2))