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1. série
1. The Twelfth Juror (The Twelfth Juror)
2. The Orderly Mr. Appleby (The Orderly Mr. Appleby)
3. The Memory of Murder (The Memory of Murder)
4. Solo to Singapore (Solo to Singapore)
5. Help Wanted (Help Wanted)
6. Heaven Ran Last (Heaven Ran Last)
7. Home for Christmas (Home for Christmas)
8. Man in the Velvet Hat (Man in the Velvet Hat)
9. Key Witness (Key Witness)
10. Dark Cross Roads (Dark Cross Roads)
11. Talk of the Town (Talk of the Town)
12. Murder's Challenge (Murder's Challenge)
13. The Witness (The Witness)
14. Blessed Are the Meek (Blessed Are the Meek)
15. The Dark Curtain (The Dark Curtain)
16. Never Say Die (Never Say Die)
17. Journey by Night (Journey by Night)
18. Mirror of Delusion (Mirror of Delusion)
19. Fit to Kill (Fit to Kill)
20. The Boy (The Boy)
21. The Amateur (The Amateur)
22. The Creeper (The Creeper)
23. The Deadly Friend (The Deadly Friend)
24. Fifty Dollars Reward (Fifty Dollars Reward)
25. The Friendly Hearts (The Friendly Hearts)
26. Stone Cold Dead (Stone Cold Dead)
27. Dark Legacy (Dark Legacy)
28. The Man Who Had No Friends (The Man Who Had No Friends)
29. Essence of Strawberry (Essence of Strawberry)
30. You Killed Elizabeth (You Killed Elizabeth)
31. The Crisis of Dirk Diamond (The Crisis of Dirk Diamond)
32. The Wallet (The Wallet)
33. Thread of Life (Thread of Life)
34. For Laura (For Laura)
35. Star Witness (Star Witness)
36. The Shadowy Men (The Shadowy Men)
37. Incident in a Blizzard (Incident in a Blizzard)
38. The Great Diamond Discovery (The Great Diamond Discovery)
39. Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel)
40. Mr. Fish (Mr. Fish)
41. The Dream (The Dream)
42. The Kid's Last Fight (The Kid's Last Fight)
43. Solid Gold (Solid Gold)
44. Trojan Horse (Trojan Horse)
45. The Judas Bullet (The Judas Bullet)
46. A Switch in Time (A Switch in Time)
47. Cops Must Be Tough (Cops Must Be Tough)
48. All the Way Home (All the Way Home)
49. Checkmate (Checkmate)
50. Wanted, Someone Innocent (Wanted, Someone Innocent)
51. No Escape (No Escape)
52. Breakup (Breakup)
53. The Edge of Error (The Edge of Error)
54. The Dishonorable Thief (The Dishonorable Thief)
55. Too Late to Run (Too Late to Run)
56. The Practical Joke (The Practical Joke)
57. Hand in Glove (Hand in Glove)
58. The Contradictory Case (The Contradictory Case)
2. série
1. The Customs of the Country (The Customs of the Country)
2. All the Way to the Moon (All the Way to the Moon)
3. Volcano (Volcano)
4. The House Guests (The House Guests)
5. Beyond the Sea of Death (Beyond the Sea of Death)
6. A Man Dies (A Man Dies)
7. He Was Asking for You (He Was Asking for You)
8. Golden Secret (Golden Secret)
9. St. Petersburg Dilemma (St. Petersburg Dilemma)
10. The Man Who Was Always Right (The Man Who Was Always Right)
11. Model Murder (Model Murder)
12. After the Fact (After the Fact)
13. Indian Sign (Indian Sign)
14. Second Chance (Second Chance)
15. Honeymoon at the Grand (Honeymoon at the Grand)
16. Witness to Murder (Witness to Murder)
17. The Brass Ring (The Brass Ring)
18. Sleeping Dogs (Sleeping Dogs)
19. Friends of the Devil (Friends of the Devil)
20. Hear Footsteps (Hear Footsteps)
21. The Phantom of the Bridge (The Phantom of the Bridge)
22. Death Mask (Death Mask)
23. Nemesis (Nemesis)
24. The Terrible Truth (The Terrible Truth)
25. Rx Death (Rx Death)
26. Prelude to Murder (Prelude to Murder)
27. Broken Date (Broken Date)
28. The Handcuff (The Handcuff)
29. Kill with Kindness (Kill with Kindness)
30. The Perfect Out (The Perfect Out)
31. The Vanished Hours (The Vanished Hours)
3. série
1. Deadlock (Deadlock)
2. The Patsy (The Patsy)
3. The Last Chance (The Last Chance)
4. A Time for Dying (A Time for Dying)
5. The Joke (The Joke)
6. The Thirty-second Floor (The Thirty-second Floor)
7. A Fair Exchange (A Fair Exchange)
8. Encore (Encore)
9. The Line of Duty (The Line of Duty)
10. The Bells of Damon (The Bells of Damon)
11. The Badger Game (The Badger Game)
12. Like Father (Like Father)
13. Death Sentence (Death Sentence)
14. End of the Line (End of the Line)
15. Rainy Day (Rainy Day)
16. Speak No Evil (Speak No Evil)
17. The Lake (The Lake)
18. You've Got to Stop Sometime (You've Got to Stop Sometime)
4. série
1. One for the Road (One for the Road)
2. Combination for Murder (Combination for Murder)
3. A Design for Execution (A Design for Execution)
4. Kind Stranger (Kind Stranger)
5. Cave of Chamberey (Cave of Chamberey)
6. Strange Sanctuary (Strange Sanctuary)
7. The Winner (The Winner)
8. The Perfect Wife (The Perfect Wife)
9. The Leech (The Leech)
10. The World My Cage (The World My Cage)
11. The Scrap (The Scrap)
12. Figurine (Figurine)
13. The Closing Net (The Closing Net)
14. The Blue Bottle (The Blue Bottle)
15. The Blue Bottle (The Blue Bottle)
16. Figurine (Figurine)
17. The Hunted (The Hunted)
18. The Barrier (The Barrier)
19. A Handful of Stars (A Handful of Stars)
20. Rock-Bound (Rock-Bound)
21. Paper Doll (Paper Doll)
22. Sheep's Clothing (Sheep's Clothing)
23. A Piece of Gray Cloth (A Piece of Gray Cloth)
24. Night Fare (Night Fare)
25. Stopover (Stopover)
26. Grand Finale (Grand Finale)
27. Blind Man's Bluff (Blind Man's Bluff)
28. Brush-Off (Brush-Off)
29. Death Has Nine Lives (Death Has Nine Lives)
30. Top Gun (Top Gun)
31. Hurricane Coming (Hurricane Coming)
32. Missing Person (Missing Person)
33. The Treadmill (The Treadmill)
34. The Trouble with Diamonds (The Trouble with Diamonds)
35. A Name for Death (A Name for Death)
36. I'll Buy a Dream (I'll Buy a Dream)
37. Matter of Degree (Matter of Degree)
38. The Bait (The Bait)
39. The House (The House)
40. Crackpot (Crackpot)
41. The Face on the Shadow (The Face on the Shadow)
42. Welcome Home (Welcome Home)