Throb (Throb)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Our Song (Our Song)
3. Getting to Know You (Getting to Know You)
4. My Fair Punker Lady (My Fair Punker Lady)
5. I Lost Him at the Movies (I Lost Him at the Movies)
6. Something Extra (Something Extra)
7. Bus of Dreams (Bus of Dreams)
8. The Concert (The Concert)
9. The Party (The Party)
10. Tassles (Tassles)
11. Wedding Bell Blue (Wedding Bell Blue)
12. Nothing Personal (Nothing Personal)
13. Confidence Game (Confidence Game)
14. Brief Encounter (Brief Encounter)
15. Genius (Genius)
16. An Oldie But Goodie (An Oldie But Goodie)
17. High Anxiety (High Anxiety)
18. Death Be Not Weird (Death Be Not Weird)
19. Buffalo (Buffalo)
20. Party Games (Party Games)
21. Moonlighting (Moonlighting)
22. Two Flights Up (Two Flights Up)
23. Nashville, Almost (Nashville, Almost)
24. Rainy Day People (Rainy Day People)
2. série
1. Moving In (Moving In)
2. The Spa (The Spa)
3. Torn Between Two Lovers (Torn Between Two Lovers)
4. Future Shock (Future Shock)
5. Good Vibrations (Good Vibrations)
6. Whose Coup Is It Anyway? (Whose Coup Is It Anyway?)
7. Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 1 (Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 1)
8. Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 2 (Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 2)
9. Garden Party (Garden Party)
10. Selling Out (Selling Out)
11. The Golden Guys (The Golden Guys)
12. One Christmas (One Christmas)
13. Mary Heartless (Mary Heartless)
14. Men Without Lips (Men Without Lips)
15. Make a Joyful Noise (Make a Joyful Noise)
16. The Cable Show (The Cable Show)
17. Here Come the Amish (Here Come the Amish)
18. Only the Lonely (Only the Lonely)
19. There's No Place Like Home (There's No Place Like Home)
20. Summer Job (Summer Job)
21. Neil Returns (Neil Returns)
22. Jung Love (Jung Love)
23. The Grammy (The Grammy)
24. She Can't Sing, Don't Ask Her (She Can't Sing, Don't Ask Her)