Top Chef Masters

Top Chef Masters (Top Chef Masters)
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1. série
1. Masters Get Schooled (Masters Get Schooled)
2. The Lost Supper (The Lost Supper)
3. Offal Tasty (Offal Tasty)
4. Magic Chefs (Magic Chefs)
5. Miniaturize Me (Miniaturize Me)
6. Trick in a Box (Trick in a Box)
7. Champions Round Begins (Champions Round Begins)
8. Dietary Restrictions (Dietary Restrictions)
9. Masters of Disaster (Masters of Disaster)
10. Top Chef Master (Top Chef Master)
2. série
1. First Date Dinner (First Date Dinner)
2. It's My Party (It's My Party)
3. Pub Food (Pub Food)
4. Cast and Crew Meal (Cast and Crew Meal)
5. Wedding Wars (Wedding Wars)
6. Scary Surf & Turf (Scary Surf & Turf)
7. Tailgating (Tailgating)
8. Food of the Gods (Food of the Gods)
9. Improv (Improv)
10. Top Chef Master (Top Chef Master)
3. série
1. Restaurant Wars (Restaurant Wars)
2. Everything Old Is New Again (Everything Old Is New Again)
3. Diners to Donors (Diners to Donors)
4. Biggest Loser (Biggest Loser)
5. Would You Like Fries with That? (Would You Like Fries with That?)
6. I'm with the Band (I'm with the Band)
7. Date Night (Date Night)
8. Blinded Me with Science (Blinded Me with Science)
9. 3x09 (3x09)
10. Finale: My Life as a Chef (Finale: My Life as a Chef)
4. série
1. The Buffet Must Go On (The Buffet Must Go On)
2. You May Now Feed the Bride (You May Now Feed the Bride)
3. What Would Brian Boitano Eat? (What Would Brian Boitano Eat?)
4. Grand Canyon Cookout (Grand Canyon Cookout)
5. Holly Madison's Pool Party (Holly Madison's Pool Party)
6. Thai One On (Thai One On)
7. Culinary Knockout (Culinary Knockout)
8. Foodie Flash Mob (Foodie Flash Mob)
9. Old School, New School (Old School, New School)
10. Finale (Finale)
5. série
1. Sous Chefs and Skydives (Sous Chefs and Skydives)