Trapper John, M.D.

Trapper John, M.D. (Trapper John, M.D.)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Flashback (Flashback)
3. Deadly Exposure (Deadly Exposure)
4. Love Is a Three-Way Street (Love Is a Three-Way Street)
5. The Shattered Image (The Shattered Image)
6. What Are Friends For? (What Are Friends For?)
7. One for My Baby (One for My Baby)
8. Taxi in the Rain (Taxi in the Rain)
9. Licensed to Kill (Licensed to Kill)
10. The Surrogate (The Surrogate)
11. Whose Little Hero Are You? (Whose Little Hero Are You?)
12. Boom! (Boom!)
13. Have You Hugged Your Nurse Today? (Have You Hugged Your Nurse Today?)
14. Missionary's Downfall (Missionary's Downfall)
15. Warning: I May Be Hazardous to Your Health (Warning: I May Be Hazardous to Your Health)
16. 'Til Life Do Us Part ('Til Life Do Us Part)
17. If You Can't Stand the Heat (If You Can't Stand the Heat)
18. Strike! (Strike!)
19. It's a Wise Surgeon (It's a Wise Surgeon)
20. Short Odds (Short Odds)
21. Quarantine (Quarantine)
22. Hot Line (Hot Line)
2. série
1. Girl Under Glass: Part 1 (Girl Under Glass: Part 1)
2. Girl Under Glass: Part 2 (Girl Under Glass: Part 2)
3. Slim Chance (Slim Chance)
4. Call Me Irresponsible (Call Me Irresponsible)
5. Creepy Time Gal (Creepy Time Gal)
6. Straight and Narrow (Straight and Narrow)
7. Earthquake (Earthquake)
8. The Pagoda Cure (The Pagoda Cure)
9. Have I Got a Girl for You (Have I Got a Girl for You)
10. Who's the Lucky Father? (Who's the Lucky Father?)
11. A Family Affair (A Family Affair)
12. Finders Keepers (Finders Keepers)
13. Days of Wine and Leo (Days of Wine and Leo)
14. A Case of the Crazies (A Case of the Crazies)
15. Second Sight (Second Sight)
16. King of the Road (King of the Road)
17. The Albatross (The Albatross)
18. Brain Child (Brain Child)
3. série
1. That Old Gang of Mine (That Old Gang of Mine)
2. C.O.D. (C.O.D.)
3. Give Till It Hurts (Give Till It Hurts)
4. Hate Is Enough (Hate Is Enough)
5. The Ego Experience (The Ego Experience)
6. Coperative Care (Coperative Care)
7. Is There a Doctor in the Big House? (Is There a Doctor in the Big House?)
8. Mother Dearest (Mother Dearest)
9. 'Tis the Season ('Tis the Season)
10. Future Imperfect (Future Imperfect)
11. 42 (42)
12. Victims (Victims)
13. Angel of Mercy (Angel of Mercy)
14. Danny (Danny)
15. Ladies in Waiting (Ladies in Waiting)
16. The Peter Pan Syndrome (The Peter Pan Syndrome)
17. Medicine Man (Medicine Man)
18. Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby)
19. Love and Marriage (Love and Marriage)
20. Candy Doctor (Candy Doctor)
21. Doctors and Other Strangers (Doctors and Other Strangers)
22. A Piece of the Action (A Piece of the Action)
23. Cause for Concern (Cause for Concern)
24. John's Other Life (John's Other Life)
25. The One and Only (The One and Only)
4. série
1. Don't Rain on My Charade (Don't Rain on My Charade)
2. Truth and Consequences: Part 1 (Truth and Consequences: Part 1)
3. Truth and Consequences: Part 2 (Truth and Consequences: Part 2)
4. Three on a Mismatch (Three on a Mismatch)
5. The Object of My Affliction (The Object of My Affliction)
6. You Pays Your Money (You Pays Your Money)
7. The Ransom (The Ransom)
8. Thanks for Giving (Thanks for Giving)
9. The Good Life (The Good Life)
10. Getting to Know You (Getting to Know You)
11. Russians and Ruses (Russians and Ruses)
12. Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan (Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan)
13. Baby on the Line (Baby on the Line)
14. It Only Hurts When I Love (It Only Hurts When I Love)
15. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow)
16. Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not)
17. The Spy Who Bugged Me (The Spy Who Bugged Me)
18. Pasts Imperfect (Pasts Imperfect)
19. Primetime (Primetime)
20. Blue Genes (Blue Genes)
21. Friends in High Places (Friends in High Places)
22. South Side Story (South Side Story)
5. série
1. I Only Have Ice for You (I Only Have Ice for You)
2. ...And for Loyal and Devoted Service (...And for Loyal and Devoted Service)
3. All About Everett (All About Everett)
4. May Divorce Be with You (May Divorce Be with You)
5. What a Difference a Day Makes (What a Difference a Day Makes)
6. The Final Cut (The Final Cut)
7. Old Man Liver (Old Man Liver)
8. The Agony of D'Feet (The Agony of D'Feet)
9. Mother Load (Mother Load)
10. Fat Chance (Fat Chance)
11. Supernurse (Supernurse)
12. Special Delivery (Special Delivery)
13. Play Your Hunch (Play Your Hunch)
14. A Little Knife Music (A Little Knife Music)
15. Where There's a Will (Where There's a Will)
16. Send in the Clowns (Send in the Clowns)
17. This Gland Is Your Gland (This Gland Is Your Gland)
18. The Fred Connection (The Fred Connection)
19. The Jackpot Pays Off (The Jackpot Pays Off)
20. I Do, I Don't (I Do, I Don't)
21. It's About Time (It's About Time)
22. Aunt Mildred Is Watching (Aunt Mildred Is Watching)
6. série
1. A Change of Heart (A Change of Heart)
2. My Son the Doctor (My Son the Doctor)
3. Moonlighting Becomes You (Moonlighting Becomes You)
4. Eternally Yours (Eternally Yours)
5. School Nurse (School Nurse)
6. Of Cats, Crashes and Creeps (Of Cats, Crashes and Creeps)
7. A Fall to Grace (A Fall to Grace)
8. Promises... Promises (Promises... Promises)
9. Dark Side of the Loon (Dark Side of the Loon)
10. Double Bubble (Double Bubble)
11. Long Ago and Far Away (Long Ago and Far Away)
12. Muddle of the Knight (Muddle of the Knight)
13. Buckaroo Bob Rides Again (Buckaroo Bob Rides Again)
14. Love Thy Neighbor (Love Thy Neighbor)
15. So Little, Gone (So Little, Gone)
16. Bad Breaks (Bad Breaks)
17. High Time (High Time)
18. The Unholy Ghost (The Unholy Ghost)
19. A False Start (A False Start)
20. In the Eyes of the Beholder (In the Eyes of the Beholder)
21. All the King's Horses... (All the King's Horses...)
22. Go for Broker (Go for Broker)
23. All of Me (All of Me)
7. série
1. Game of Hearts: Part 1 (Game of Hearts: Part 1)
2. Game of Hearts: Part 2 (Game of Hearts: Part 2)
3. Hot Shot (Hot Shot)
4. Just Around the Coroner (Just Around the Coroner)
5. Friends and Lovers (Friends and Lovers)
6. The Wunderkind (The Wunderkind)
7. A Wheel in a Wheel (A Wheel in a Wheel)
8. The Second Best Man (The Second Best Man)
9. Billboard Barney (Billboard Barney)
10. Going, Going, Gonzo (Going, Going, Gonzo)
11. Heart and Seoul (Heart and Seoul)
12. Life, Death and Dr. Christmas (Life, Death and Dr. Christmas)
13. Judgement Day (Judgement Day)
14. Fall of the Wild (Fall of the Wild)
15. The Curmudgeon (The Curmudgeon)
16. Self-Diagnosis (Self-Diagnosis)
17. Research and Destroy (Research and Destroy)
18. Strange Bedfellows (Strange Bedfellows)
19. Elusive Butterfly (Elusive Butterfly)