Třída číslo 402

Třída číslo 402 (Kids from Room 402, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Son of Einstein (Son of Einstein)
2. Welcome to Safety Corner (Welcome to Safety Corner)
3. The Used Gum Chewer (The Used Gum Chewer)
4. The One Man Committee (The One Man Committee)
5. The Half Wit (The Half Wit)
6. Shy Kidney (Shy Kidney)
7. Is Your Refrigerator Running (Is Your Refrigerator Running)
8. The Arthur Kenneth Vanderwall Library (The Arthur Kenneth Vanderwall Library)
9. Free Lunch (Free Lunch)
10. The Moocher (The Moocher)
11. The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (The Girl in the Plastic Bubble)
12. Over the River and Through the Swamp (Over the River and Through the Swamp)
13. Pretty as a Picture (Pretty as a Picture)
14. The Anti-Mucous Forming, Artery Clogging, Energy Zapping Diet (The Anti-Mucous Forming, Artery Clogging, Energy Zapping Diet)
15. All Polly All the Time (All Polly All the Time)
16. Spoons, Spiders and Space Beasts (Spoons, Spiders and Space Beasts)
17. Mercury in Retrograde (Mercury in Retrograde)
18. Bad Seed (Bad Seed)
19. There Must Be a Pony (There Must Be a Pony)
20. Mrs McCoy's Baby Boy (Mrs McCoy's Baby Boy)
21. Eenie Meenie (Eenie Meenie)
22. Bing, Bing, Bing and a Shot (Bing, Bing, Bing and a Shot)
2. série
1. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle)
2. The Low Sodium, Adult Swim Only, Early Bird Special Vacation (The Low Sodium, Adult Swim Only, Early Bird Special Vacation)
3. Jesse Magoo (Jesse Magoo)
4. Your Body Is Changing (Your Body Is Changing)
5. I Got a Boyfriend (I Got a Boyfriend)
6. The Peep and the Sheep (The Peep and the Sheep)
7. The School Fair (The School Fair)
8. A Visit to Nana and Pop-Pop's (A Visit to Nana and Pop-Pop's)
9. Chi Wiz (Chi Wiz)
10. Simon of London (Simon of London)
11. The Dumb Bunny (The Dumb Bunny)
12. A Very Nancy Christmas (A Very Nancy Christmas)
13. Mr Beeser the Liver Butcher (Mr Beeser the Liver Butcher)
14. The Election Story (The Election Story)
15. It Takes Your Breath Away (It Takes Your Breath Away)
16. The Gazotski (The Gazotski)
17. The Sidewalk Boys (The Sidewalk Boys)
18. Uncle Bonehead (Uncle Bonehead)
19. Squirrel Girls and Boys (Squirrel Girls and Boys)
20. Don't Know, Don't Care, Smells (Don't Know, Don't Care, Smells)
21. Don't Put Your Fingers in the Light Socket (Don't Put Your Fingers in the Light Socket)
22. Squeezed Out (Squeezed Out)
23. By Invitation Only (By Invitation Only)
24. Episode #2.24 (Episode #2.24)
25. No Refunds, No Exchanges (No Refunds, No Exchanges)
26. The Slam Book (The Slam Book)
27. Episode #2.27 (Episode #2.27)
28. For Whom the Bell Tolls (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
29. Believe It or Not (Believe It or Not)
30. HIQ (HIQ)