T.U.F.F. Puppy

T.U.F.F. Puppy (T.U.F.F. Puppy)
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2. série
15. Mutts and Bolts | Bark to Nature (Mutts and Bolts | Bark to Nature)
16. Dog House | Time Waits for No Mutt (Dog House | Time Waits for No Mutt)
17. Mud With Power | Legal Beagle (Mud With Power | Legal Beagle)
18. Hush Puppy | Quacky Birthday (Hush Puppy | Quacky Birthday)
19. Sheep Dog | Mom's Away (Sheep Dog | Mom's Away)
20. Love Bird | Bluff Puppy (Love Bird | Bluff Puppy)
21. Rat Trap | Agent of the Year (Rat Trap | Agent of the Year)
23. Til Doom Do Us Part (Til Doom Do Us Part)
24. Crime Takes a Holiday | Flower Power (Crime Takes a Holiday | Flower Power)
25. The Spelling Bee | House Broken (The Spelling Bee | House Broken)
3. série
5. TUFF Choices | Sob Story (TUFF Choices | Sob Story)
6. TUFF Sell | Tattle Tale (TUFF Sell | Tattle Tale)
7. True Spies | Bagel and the Beast (True Spies | Bagel and the Beast)
8. Dancin' Machine | The Good, The Bad and The Quacky (Dancin' Machine | The Good, The Bad and The Quacky)
9. Pup Goes The Weasel | Puppy Pause (Pup Goes The Weasel | Puppy Pause)
10. Match Me if You Can | Organized Crime (Match Me if You Can | Organized Crime)
11. A Tale of Two Kitties | Pup in the Air (A Tale of Two Kitties | Pup in the Air)
12. Girlfriend or Foe | Scared Wit-less (Girlfriend or Foe | Scared Wit-less)
13. TUFF Break Up (TUFF Break Up)
14. TUFF Love | Soar Loser (TUFF Love | Soar Loser)
15. Tourist Trap (Tourist Trap)
16. Dead or a Lie (Dead or a Lie)
19. Barking Bad | Smarty Pants (Barking Bad | Smarty Pants)
20. To Be Or Not To Bee (To Be Or Not To Bee)
21. While The Cats Away | Sweet Revenge (While The Cats Away | Sweet Revenge)
22. While The Cats Away (While The Cats Away)
23. Sweet Revenge (Sweet Revenge)