Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa (Uncle Grandpa)
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3. série
28. Costume Crisis (Costume Crisis)
29. Uncle Grandpa Runs For President (Uncle Grandpa Runs For President)
30. Chill Out (Chill Out)
4. série
9. The Bike Ride (The Bike Ride)
10. Mr. Gus Moves Out (Mr. Gus Moves Out)
11. Hiccup Havok (Hiccup Havok)
12. MacGuffin (MacGuffin)
13. Gone To His Head (Gone To His Head)
14. Pony Tale (Pony Tale)
15. You Can't Handle The Tooth (You Can't Handle The Tooth)
16. A Gift For Gus (A Gift For Gus)
17. Robo-UG (Robo-UG)
18. Lil' Mac (Lil' Mac)
19. Disappearing Act (Disappearing Act)
20. Tongue Tied (Tongue Tied)
21. Uncle Dummy (Uncle Dummy)
22. Face Fix (Face Fix)
23. The Phone Call (The Phone Call)
24. Uncle Cupid (Uncle Cupid)
25. Doctor Visit (Doctor Visit)
26. The Cake Mistake (The Cake Mistake)
5. série
1. Sheep Deprivation (Sheep Deprivation)
2. Trash Cat (Trash Cat)
3. Uncle Grandpa's Odd-yssey (Uncle Grandpa's Odd-yssey)
4. Uncle Greedpa (Uncle Greedpa)
5. Transitional Phase (Transitional Phase)
6. Full Grown Pizza (Full Grown Pizza)
7. Anger Management (Anger Management)
8. Pizza Steve's Past (Pizza Steve's Past)
9. Cartoon Factory (Cartoon Factory)
10. What's The Big Idea? (What's The Big Idea?)
11. Chess Master Steve (Chess Master Steve)
12. Surprise Party (Surprise Party)
13. Pizza Steve's Past (Pizza Steve's Past)
14. Diggin' A Hole (Diggin' A Hole)
15. Broken Boogie (Broken Boogie)
16. Full Grown Pizza (Full Grown Pizza)
17. More Director Shorts (More Director Shorts)
18. High Dive (High Dive)
19. Chess Master Steve (Chess Master Steve)
20. Tiny Miracle's Tiny Miracle (Tiny Miracle's Tiny Miracle)
21. Uncle Greedpa (Uncle Greedpa)
22. Exquisite Grandpa (Exquisite Grandpa)
23. Uncle Grandpa: The High School Years (Uncle Grandpa: The High School Years)