Unhappily Ever After

Unhappily Ever After (Unhappily Ever After) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Gift of the Magnovox (Gift of the Magnovox)
3. Jack's First Date (Jack's First Date)
4. The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall (The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall)
5. Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper)
6. Run (Run)
7. The Descent of Man (The Descent of Man)
8. Boxing Mr. Floppy (Boxing Mr. Floppy)
9. Don Juan De Van Nuys (Don Juan De Van Nuys)
10. Mistress Jennie (Mistress Jennie)
11. Daddy's Little Girl (Daddy's Little Girl)
12. The Great Depression (The Great Depression)
13. Hoop Dreams (Hoop Dreams)
2. série
1. Jack Moves Back (Jack Moves Back)
2. Zit Could Happen to You (Zit Could Happen to You)
3. The Rat (The Rat)
4. Rocky VI (Rocky VI)
5. Rock Star (Rock Star)
6. Driving Me Crazy (Driving Me Crazy)
7. A Touch of Glass (A Touch of Glass)
8. A Line in the Sand (A Line in the Sand)
9. Making the Grade (Making the Grade)
10. Honey, I Screwed Up the Kids for Life (Honey, I Screwed Up the Kids for Life)
11. The Whiz Kid (The Whiz Kid)
12. Hot Wheels (Hot Wheels)
13. Picnic of Pain and Peril (Picnic of Pain and Peril)
14. Meter Maid (Meter Maid)
15. In the Stars (In the Stars)
16. Mr. No (Mr. No)
17. The Agony of Victory (The Agony of Victory)
18. All About Jennie (All About Jennie)
19. Jack Writes Good (Jack Writes Good)
20. Girls Who Wear Glasses (Girls Who Wear Glasses)
21. Leaving Van Nuys (Leaving Van Nuys)
22. Getting More Than Some (Getting More Than Some)
3. série
1. Tiffany's Rival (Tiffany's Rival)
2. Beach Party (Beach Party)
3. Angel Gone Bad (Angel Gone Bad)
4. The Temptation of Jack (The Temptation of Jack)
5. Lightning Boy (Lightning Boy)
6. Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! (Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!)
7. Halloween XXVII (Halloween XXVII)
8. Rock and Roll (Rock and Roll)
9. The Pride of the Injuns (The Pride of the Injuns)
10. Eating Hollywood (Eating Hollywood)
11. High and Dry (High and Dry)
12. The Tell-Tale Lipstick (The Tell-Tale Lipstick)
13. Sternberg (Sternberg)
14. The President (The President)
15. Tiffany on the Wild Side (Tiffany on the Wild Side)
16. The Potato Rebellion (The Potato Rebellion)
17. B-Minus Blues (B-Minus Blues)
18. From Russia with Love (From Russia with Love)
19. Little Ice Cream Shop of Horrors (Little Ice Cream Shop of Horrors)
20. Shampoo (Shampoo)
21. College! (College!)
22. The Joy of Meat (The Joy of Meat)
4. série
1. Hot Off the Presses (Hot Off the Presses)
2. Experimenting in College (Experimenting in College)
3. The Ghost and Mr. Malloy (The Ghost and Mr. Malloy)
4. Exorcising Jennie (Exorcising Jennie)
5. We Got Next (We Got Next)
6. Sorority Girl (Sorority Girl)
7. Ryan Vampire Slayer (Ryan Vampire Slayer)
8. Cyber-Tiffany (Cyber-Tiffany)
9. Tiffany, the Home Wrecker (Tiffany, the Home Wrecker)
10. Little Miss Perfect (Little Miss Perfect)
11. The One Kevin's Directing (The One Kevin's Directing)
12. Teacher of the Year (Teacher of the Year)
13. Ryan's Labour Lost (Ryan's Labour Lost)
14. Undercover Cheerleader (Undercover Cheerleader)
15. The Chaste Makes Waste (The Chaste Makes Waste)
16. Teacher's Pet (Teacher's Pet)
17. Let's Get Ready to Rum Ball (Let's Get Ready to Rum Ball)
18. Triple Play (Triple Play)
19. Tiffany's Birthday (Tiffany's Birthday)
20. The Old West (The Old West)
21. The Clip Show (The Clip Show)
5. série
1. X-Happily Ever After (X-Happily Ever After)
2. Feline Alright (Feline Alright)
3. Basketball... Again? (Basketball... Again?)
4. A Movie Show (A Movie Show)
5. Love Letters (Love Letters)
6. I Know What You Did in the Closet (I Know What You Did in the Closet)
7. Ross' IQ (Ross' IQ)
8. The Fencing Show (The Fencing Show)
9. Smart and Stupid (Smart and Stupid)
10. The Silver Rule (The Silver Rule)
11. Secrets (Secrets)
12. Royal Flush (Royal Flush)
13. Taffy's Boy (Taffy's Boy)
14. Tiffany's Big Break (Tiffany's Big Break)
15. I Never Dunked for My Father (I Never Dunked for My Father)
16. Sex & Violins (Sex & Violins)
17. Tiffany Burger (Tiffany Burger)
18. The Perfect Guy (The Perfect Guy)
19. Date to Win (Date to Win)
20. The Artist and the Con Artist (The Artist and the Con Artist)
21. Tiffany Tutors the Teachers (Tiffany Tutors the Teachers)
22. Le Morte D'Floppy (Le Morte D'Floppy)