Vražedné pobřeží

Vražedné pobřeží (Sweating Bullets)
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1. série
1. Hard Case (Hard Case)
2. Fowl Play (Fowl Play)
3. Death's a Beach (Death's a Beach)
4. Family Affair (Family Affair)
5. Roll of the Dice (Roll of the Dice)
6. Double Time (Double Time)
7. Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not)
8. For a Song (For a Song)
9. Marissa (Marissa)
2. série
1. The Mariah Connection (The Mariah Connection)
2. Mafia Mistress (Mafia Mistress)
3. A Perfect .38 (A Perfect .38)
4. Dead Men Tell (Dead Men Tell)
5. Big Brother Is Watching (Big Brother Is Watching)
6. This Year's Model (This Year's Model)
7. Writer Wrong (Writer Wrong)
8. Runaway (Runaway)
9. Sex, Lies and Lullabies (Sex, Lies and Lullabies)
10. She (She)
11. Tara, Tara, Tara (Tara, Tara, Tara)
12. Abandoned (Abandoned)
13. Deceit (Deceit)
14. Party Girl (Party Girl)
15. Double Fault (Double Fault)
16. Alive and Kicking (Alive and Kicking)
17. Tattooed Lady (Tattooed Lady)
18. Users (Users)
19. Framed Up (Framed Up)
20. Going to the Dogs (Going to the Dogs)
21. Dial 9 for Murder (Dial 9 for Murder)
3. série
1. Twice as Dead (Twice as Dead)
2. Deadly Switch (Deadly Switch)
3. Deadly Switch (Deadly Switch)
4. Over My Dead Body (Over My Dead Body)
5. White Hot (White Hot)
6. Stranger in Paradise (Stranger in Paradise)
7. The Pro & the Con (The Pro & the Con)
8. Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby (Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby)
9. Ocean Park (Ocean Park)
10. Jack of Diamonds (Jack of Diamonds)
11. His Pal Joey (His Pal Joey)
12. Grasping at Shadows (Grasping at Shadows)
13. The Last of the Magnificent (The Last of the Magnificent)
14. The Patsy (The Patsy)
15. May Divorce Be with You (May Divorce Be with You)
16. Feedback (Feedback)
17. Basic Black (Basic Black)
18. Born Tomorrow (Born Tomorrow)
19. Object of Desire (Object of Desire)
20. Royal Pain (Royal Pain)
21. Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy)
22. Massage in a Bottle (Massage in a Bottle)
23. Mutiny and the Bounty (Mutiny and the Bounty)
24. Seen at the Crime (Seen at the Crime)
25. You Stole My Heart (You Stole My Heart)
26. Gunshy (Gunshy)
27. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
28. Spider's Tale (Spider's Tale)
29. Turning Screws (Turning Screws)
30. Episode #3.29 (Episode #3.29)
31. Tess (Tess)
32. Deal of a Lifetime (Deal of a Lifetime)
33. Katie's Secret (Katie's Secret)
34. Slumming It (Slumming It)
35. Man with the Midas Touch (Man with the Midas Touch)
36. Forbidden Fruit (Forbidden Fruit)
37. Smut and Nothin' But (Smut and Nothin' But)