When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart (When Calls the Heart) — 3. série
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1. série
1. Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
2. Cease and Desist (Cease and Desist)
3. A Telling Silence (A Telling Silence)
4. Secrets and Lies (Secrets and Lies)
5. The Dance (The Dance)
6. These Games (These Games)
7. Second Chances (Second Chances)
8. Perils of the Soloists (Perils of the Soloists)
9. Change of Heart (Change of Heart)
10. Love Comes First (Love Comes First)
11. Rules of Engagement (Rules of Engagement)
12. Prelude to a Kiss (Prelude to a Kiss)
2. série
1. Trials of the Heart (Trials of the Heart)
2. Heart and Soul (Heart and Soul)
3. Heart's Desire (Heart's Desire)
4. Awakenings & Revelations (Awakenings & Revelations)
5. Heart and Home (Heart and Home)
6. Coming Together, Coming Apart (Coming Together, Coming Apart)
7. With All My Heart (With All My Heart)
3. série
1. 2015 Christmas Special (2015 Christmas Special) 26. 12. 2015
2. Troubled Hearts (Troubled Hearts)
3. A Time to Speak (A Time to Speak)
4. Heart of a Hero (Heart of a Hero)
5. A Gentle Heart (A Gentle Heart)
6. Forever in My Heart (Forever in My Heart)
7. Heartbreak (Heartbreak)
8. Hearts in Question (Hearts in Question)
9. Prayers from the Heart (Prayers from the Heart)
4. série
1. Words From the Heart (Words From the Heart)
2. Heart of Truth (Heart of Truth)
3. The Heart of the Community (The Heart of the Community)
4. Change of Heart (Change of Heart)
5. Heart of a Teacher (Heart of a Teacher)
6. My Heart Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On)
7. Healing Heart (Healing Heart)
8. Courageous Hearts (Courageous Hearts)
9. Heart of a Secret (Heart of a Secret)
10. Heart of a Fighter (Heart of a Fighter)