Wunschpunsch (Wunschpunsch) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Plant Panic (Plant Panic)
2. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
3. Worst Noel (Worst Noel)
4. Terrible Toddlers (Terrible Toddlers)
5. Colorless Chaos (Colorless Chaos)
6. Off the Walls (Off the Walls)
7. Prehistorical Populace (Prehistorical Populace)
8. Big Feet (Big Feet)
9. The King's Aunt (The King's Aunt)
10. Appliance Alliance (Appliance Alliance)
11. Invasion of the Giant Insects (Invasion of the Giant Insects)
12. Wishful Thinking (Wishful Thinking)
13. The Beastie Brew (The Beastie Brew)
14. Once Upon a Potion (Once Upon a Potion)
15. Car Wars (Car Wars)
16. The Wild Wild Pets (The Wild Wild Pets)
17. Wacky Weather (Wacky Weather)
18. Lost Spell (Lost Spell)
19. Poubelle and Back (Poubelle and Back)
20. Sand Witch (Sand Witch)
21. Bubonic Plague (Bubonic Plague)
22. Ghost Town (Ghost Town)
23. You Must Be Joking (You Must Be Joking)
24. By a Hair's Breadth (By a Hair's Breadth)
25. Goin' Garbanzo (Goin' Garbanzo)
26. Night of Wishes (Night of Wishes)
2. série
1. Life with Maggot (Life with Maggot)
2. Let's Break a Deal (Let's Break a Deal)
3. Slowly But Surely (Slowly But Surely)
4. Gloom With a View (Gloom With a View)
5. Mayor For a Day (Mayor For a Day)
6. Good For Nothing (Good For Nothing)
7. Fancy Footwork (Fancy Footwork)
8. Shadow of a Doubt (Shadow of a Doubt)
9. Nice Wizards (Nice Wizards)
10. Inspector Maggot (Inspector Maggot)
11. Vanity Spell (Vanity Spell)
12. Drop Me a Line (Drop Me a Line)
13. Money Can't Buy Happiness (Money Can't Buy Happiness)
14. Happy Valentine (Happy Valentine)
15. Simply Irresistible (Simply Irresistible)
16. Ty-Me Travel (Ty-Me Travel)
17. The Great Escape (The Great Escape)
18. Two Cute (Two Cute)
19. Quiz the Wizard (Quiz the Wizard)
20. Achoo! (Achoo!)
21. The Big Shrinking Spell (The Big Shrinking Spell)
22. Abominable Behavior (Abominable Behavior)
23. The Pinocchio Syndrome (The Pinocchio Syndrome)
24. Perchance to Dream-Not (Perchance to Dream-Not)
25. It's a Dog's Life (It's a Dog's Life)
26. The War of the Sexes (The War of the Sexes)