Zámořská střední

Zámořská střední (Breaker High) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Sun Ahso Rises (Sun Ahso Rises)
2. Pranks for the Memories (Pranks for the Memories)
3. Mayhem on the Orient Distress (Mayhem on the Orient Distress)
4. Don't Get Curried Away (Don't Get Curried Away)
5. Kenya Dig It? (Kenya Dig It?)
6. Tomb with a View (Tomb with a View)
7. Radio Daze (Radio Daze)
8. Beware of Geeks Baring Their Gifts (Beware of Geeks Baring Their Gifts)
9. Belly of the Beast (Belly of the Beast)
10. Rooming Violations (Rooming Violations)
11. Chateau L'Feet J'mae (Chateau L'Feet J'mae)
12. Out with the Old, in with the Shrew (Out with the Old, in with the Shrew)
13. Tamira Is Another Day (Tamira Is Another Day)
14. Pizza Sake (Pizza Sake)
15. Kissin' Cousins (Kissin' Cousins)
16. The Caber Guy (The Caber Guy)
17. When in Rome... (When in Rome...)
18. Silence of the Lamborghini (Silence of the Lamborghini)
19. All Seeing Bull's Eye (All Seeing Bull's Eye)
20. Squall's Well That Ends Well (Squall's Well That Ends Well)
21. That Lip-Synching Feeling (That Lip-Synching Feeling)
22. Yoo Hoo, Mr. Palace Guard (Yoo Hoo, Mr. Palace Guard)
23. Two Seans Don't Make a Right (Two Seans Don't Make a Right)
24. Tamira Has Two Faces (Tamira Has Two Faces)
25. Swiss You Were Here (Swiss You Were Here)
26. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office)
27. Some You Win, Some You Luge (Some You Win, Some You Luge)
28. Stowing Pains (Stowing Pains)
29. Moon Over Tamira (Moon Over Tamira)
30. He Shoots, He Scores (He Shoots, He Scores)
31. Jimmy Behaving Badly (Jimmy Behaving Badly)
32. Regret Me Nots (Regret Me Nots)
33. New Kids on the Deck (New Kids on the Deck)
34. Six Degrees of Humiliation: Part 1 (Six Degrees of Humiliation: Part 1)
35. Don't Go Breakin' My Art: Part 2 (Don't Go Breakin' My Art: Part 2)
36. Worth Their Waste in Gold (Worth Their Waste in Gold)
37. The Deck's Files (The Deck's Files)
38. Rasta La Vista (Rasta La Vista)
39. Max-He-Can Hat Dance (Max-He-Can Hat Dance)
40. Kiss of the Shy-Er Woman (Kiss of the Shy-Er Woman)
41. Lord of the Butterflies (Lord of the Butterflies)
42. Chile Dog (Chile Dog)
43. Heartbreaker High (Heartbreaker High)
44. To Kill a MockingNerd (To Kill a MockingNerd)