Bull (Bull) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Necklace (The Necklace)
2. The Woman in 8D (The Woman in 8D)
3. Unambiguous (Unambiguous)
4. Callisto (Callisto)
5. Just Tell the Truth (Just Tell the Truth)
6. Bedside Manner (Bedside Manner)
7. Never Saw the Sign (Never Saw the Sign)
8. Too Perfect (Too Perfect)
9. Light My Fire (Light My Fire)
10. E.J. (E.J.)
11. Teacher's Pet (Teacher's Pet)
12. Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome)
13. The Fall (The Fall)
14. It's Classified (It's Classified)
15. What's Your Number? (What's Your Number?)
16. Free Fall (Free Fall)
17. Name Game (Name Game)
18. Dressed to Kill (Dressed to Kill)
19. Bring It On (Bring It On)
20. Make Me (Make Me)
21. How to Dodge a Bullet (How to Dodge a Bullet)
22. Dirty Little Secrets (Dirty Little Secrets)
23. Benevolent Deception (Benevolent Deception)
2. série
1. School for Scandal (School for Scandal)
2. Already Gone (Already Gone)
3. A Business of Favors (A Business of Favors)
4. The Illusion of Control (The Illusion of Control)
5. Play the Hand You're Dealt (Play the Hand You're Dealt)
6. The Exception to the Rule (The Exception to the Rule)
7. No Good Deed (No Good Deed)
8. The Devil, The Detail (The Devil, The Detail)
9. Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
10. Home for the Holidays (Home for the Holidays)
11. Survival Instincts (Survival Instincts)
12. Grey Areas (Grey Areas)
13. Kill Shot (Kill Shot)
14. Keep Your Friends Close (Keep Your Friends Close)
15. Witness for the Prosecution (Witness for the Prosecution)
16. Absolution (Absolution)
17. Gag Order (Gag Order)
18. Bad Medicine (Bad Medicine)
19. A Redemption (A Redemption)
20. Justified (Justified)
21. Reckless (Reckless)
22. Death Sentence (Death Sentence)
3. série
1. The Ground Beneath Their Feet (The Ground Beneath Their Feet)
2. Jury Duty (Jury Duty)
3. Excessive Force (Excessive Force)
4. Justice for Cable (Justice for Cable)
5. The Missing Piece (The Missing Piece)
6. Fool Me Twice (Fool Me Twice)
7. A Girl Without Feelings (A Girl Without Feelings)
8. But for the Grace (But for the Grace)
9. Separation (Separation)
10. A Higher Law (A Higher Law)
11. Separate Together (Separate Together)
12. Split Hairs (Split Hairs)
13. Prior Bad Acts (Prior Bad Acts)
14. Leave It All Behind (Leave It All Behind)
15. Security Fraud (Security Fraud)
16. Forfeiture (Forfeiture)
17. Parental Guidance (Parental Guidance)
18. Don't Say a Word (Don't Say a Word)
19. Bounty (Bounty)
20. The Good One (The Good One)
21. When the Rains Came (When the Rains Came)
22. Pillar of Salt (Pillar of Salt)
4. série
1. Labor Days (Labor Days)
2. Fantastica Voyage (Fantastica Voyage)
3. Rectify (Rectify)