Highlander (Highlander)
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1. série
1. The Gathering (The Gathering)
2. Family Tree (Family Tree)
3. The Road Not Taken (The Road Not Taken)
4. Innocent Man (Innocent Man)
5. Free Fall (Free Fall)
6. Bad Day in Building 'A' (Bad Day in Building 'A')
7. Mountain Men (Mountain Men)
8. Deadly Medicine (Deadly Medicine)
9. The Sea Witch (The Sea Witch)
10. Revenge Is Sweet (Revenge Is Sweet)
11. See No Evil (See No Evil)
12. Eyewitness (Eyewitness)
13. Band of Brothers (Band of Brothers)
14. For Evil's Sake (For Evil's Sake)
15. For Tomorrow We Die (For Tomorrow We Die)
16. The Beast Below (The Beast Below)
17. Saving Grace (Saving Grace)
18. Lady and the Tiger (Lady and the Tiger)
19. Avenging Angel (Avenging Angel)
20. Eye of the Beholder (Eye of the Beholder)
21. Nowhere to Run (Nowhere to Run)
22. The Hunters (The Hunters)
2. série
1. The Watchers (The Watchers)
2. Studies in Light (Studies in Light)
3. Turnabout (Turnabout)
4. The Darkness (The Darkness)
5. An Eye for an Eye (An Eye for an Eye)
6. The Zone (The Zone)
7. The Return of Amanda (The Return of Amanda)
8. Revenge of the Sword (Revenge of the Sword)
9. Run for Your Life (Run for Your Life)
10. Epitaph for Tommy (Epitaph for Tommy)
11. The Fighter (The Fighter)
12. Under Colour of Authority (Under Colour of Authority)
13. Bless the Child (Bless the Child)
14. Unholy Alliance (Unholy Alliance)
15. Unholy Alliance (Unholy Alliance)
16. The Vampire (The Vampire)
17. Warmonger (Warmonger)
18. Pharaoh's Daughter (Pharaoh's Daughter)
19. Legacy (Legacy)
20. Prodigal Son (Prodigal Son)
21. Counterfeit (Counterfeit)
22. Counterfeit (Counterfeit)
3. série
1. The Samurai (The Samurai)
2. Line of Fire (Line of Fire)
3. The Revolutionary (The Revolutionary)
4. The Cross of St. Antoine (The Cross of St. Antoine)
5. Rite of Passage (Rite of Passage)
6. Courage (Courage)
7. The Lamb (The Lamb)
8. Obsession (Obsession)
9. Shadows (Shadows)
10. Blackmail (Blackmail)
11. Vendetta (Vendetta)
12. They Also Serve (They Also Serve)
13. Blind Faith (Blind Faith)
14. Song of the Executioner (Song of the Executioner)
15. Star-Crossed (Star-Crossed)
16. Methos (Methos)
17. Take Back the Night (Take Back the Night)
18. Testimony (Testimony)
19. Mortal Sins (Mortal Sins)
20. Reasonable Doubt (Reasonable Doubt)
21. Finale (Finale)
22. Finale (Finale)
4. série
1. Homeland (Homeland)
2. Brothers in Arms (Brothers in Arms)
3. The Innocent (The Innocent)
4. Leader of the Pack (Leader of the Pack)
5. Double Eagle (Double Eagle)
6. Reunion (Reunion)
7. The Colonel (The Colonel)
8. Reluctant Heroes (Reluctant Heroes)
9. The Wrath of Kali (The Wrath of Kali)
10. Chivalry (Chivalry)
11. Timeless (Timeless)
12. The Blitz (The Blitz)
13. Something Wicked (Something Wicked)
14. Deliverance (Deliverance)
15. Promises (Promises)
16. Methuselah's Gift (Methuselah's Gift)
17. The Immortal Cimoli (The Immortal Cimoli)
18. Through a Glass Darkly (Through a Glass Darkly)
19. Till Death (Till Death)
20. Judgment Day (Judgment Day)
21. Episode #4.21 (Episode #4.21)
22. One Minute to Midnight (One Minute to Midnight)
5. série
1. Episode #5.1 (Episode #5.1)
2. Prophecy (Prophecy)
3. The End of Innocence (The End of Innocence)
4. Manhunt (Manhunt)
5. Glory Days (Glory Days)
6. Dramatic License (Dramatic License)
7. Money No Object (Money No Object)
8. Haunted (Haunted)
9. Little Tin God (Little Tin God)
10. The Messenger (The Messenger)
11. The Valkyrie (The Valkyrie)
12. Comes a Horseman (Comes a Horseman)
13. Revelation 6 (Revelation 6)
14. The Ransom of Richard Redstone (The Ransom of Richard Redstone)
15. Duende (Duende)
16. The Stone of Scone (The Stone of Scone)
17. Double Jeopardy (Double Jeopardy)
18. Forgive Us Our Trespasses (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)
19. The Modern Prometheus (The Modern Prometheus)
20. Archangel (Archangel)
6. série
1. Avatar (Avatar)
2. Armageddon (Armageddon)
3. Sins of the Father (Sins of the Father)
4. Diplomatic Immunity (Diplomatic Immunity)
5. Patient Number 7 (Patient Number 7)
6. Black Tower (Black Tower)
7. Unusual Suspects (Unusual Suspects)
8. Justice (Justice)
9. Deadly Exposure (Deadly Exposure)
10. Two of Hearts (Two of Hearts)
11. Indiscretions (Indiscretions)
12. To Be (To Be)
13. Not to Be (Not to Be)