Oz (Oz)
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1. série
1. The Routine (The Routine)
2. Visits, Conjugal and Otherwise (Visits, Conjugal and Otherwise)
3. God's Chillin' (God's Chillin')
4. Capital P (Capital P)
5. Straight Life (Straight Life)
6. To Your Health (To Your Health)
7. Plan B (Plan B)
8. A Game of Checkers (A Game of Checkers)
2. série
1. The Tip (The Tip)
2. Ancient Tribes (Ancient Tribes)
3. Great Men (Great Men)
4. Losing Your Appeal (Losing Your Appeal)
5. Family Bizness (Family Bizness)
6. Strange Bedfellows (Strange Bedfellows)
7. Animal Farm (Animal Farm)
8. Escape from Oz (Escape from Oz)
3. série
1. The Truth and Nothing But... (The Truth and Nothing But...)
2. Napoleon's Boney Parts (Napoleon's Boney Parts)
3. Legs (Legs)
4. Unnatural Disasters (Unnatural Disasters)
5. U.S. Male (U.S. Male)
6. Cruel and Unusual Punishments (Cruel and Unusual Punishments)
7. Secret Identities (Secret Identities)
8. Out o' Time (Out o' Time)
4. série
1. A Cock and Balls Story (A Cock and Balls Story)
2. Obituaries (Obituaries)
3. The Bill of Wrongs (The Bill of Wrongs)
4. Works of Mercy (Works of Mercy)
5. Gray Matter (Gray Matter)
6. A Word to the Wise (A Word to the Wise)
7. A Town Without Pity (A Town Without Pity)
8. You Bet Your Life (You Bet Your Life)
9. Medium Rare (Medium Rare)
10. Conversions (Conversions)
11. Revenge Is Sweet (Revenge Is Sweet)
12. Cuts Like a Knife (Cuts Like a Knife)
13. Blizzard of '01 (Blizzard of '01)
14. Orpheus Descending (Orpheus Descending)
15. Even the Score (Even the Score)
16. Famous Last Words (Famous Last Words)
5. série
1. Visitation (Visitation)
2. Laws of Gravity (Laws of Gravity)
3. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Dream a Little Dream of Me)
4. Next Stop, Valhalla (Next Stop, Valhalla)
5. Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune)
6. Variety (Variety)
7. Good Intentions (Good Intentions)
8. Impotence (Impotence)
6. série
1. Dead Man Talking (Dead Man Talking)
2. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil (See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil)
3. Sonata da Oz (Sonata da Oz)
4. A Failure to Communicate (A Failure to Communicate)
5. 4giveness (4giveness)
6. A Day in the Death... (A Day in the Death...)
7. Junkyard Dawgs (Junkyard Dawgs)
8. Exeunt Omnes (Exeunt Omnes)