Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap (Quantum Leap)
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1. série
1. Genesis: Part 1 (Genesis: Part 1)
2. Genesis: Part 2 (Genesis: Part 2)
3. Star-Crossed (Star-Crossed)
4. The Right Hand of God (The Right Hand of God)
5. How the Tess Was Won (How the Tess Was Won)
6. Double Identity (Double Identity)
7. The Color of Truth (The Color of Truth)
8. Camikazi Kid (Camikazi Kid)
9. Play It Again, Seymour (Play It Again, Seymour)
2. série
1. Honeymoon Express (Honeymoon Express)
2. Disco Inferno (Disco Inferno)
3. The Americanization of Machiko (The Americanization of Machiko)
4. What Price Gloria? (What Price Gloria?)
5. Blind Faith (Blind Faith)
6. Good Morning, Peoria (Good Morning, Peoria)
7. Thou Shalt Not... (Thou Shalt Not...)
8. Jimmy (Jimmy)
9. So Help Me God (So Help Me God)
10. Catch a Falling Star (Catch a Falling Star)
11. A Portrait for Troian (A Portrait for Troian)
12. Animal Frat (Animal Frat)
13. Another Mother (Another Mother)
14. All Americans (All Americans)
15. Her Charm (Her Charm)
16. Freedom (Freedom)
17. Good Night, Dear Heart (Good Night, Dear Heart)
18. Pool Hall Blues (Pool Hall Blues)
19. Leaping in Without a Net (Leaping in Without a Net)
20. Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby)
21. Sea Bride (Sea Bride)
22. M.I.A. (M.I.A.)
3. série
3. Leap of Faith (Leap of Faith)
4. One Strobe Over the Line (One Strobe Over the Line)
5. The Boogieman (The Boogieman)
7. Black on White on Fire (Black on White on Fire)
9. Rebel Without a Clue (Rebel Without a Clue)
11. Runaway (Runaway)
12. 8 1/2 Months (8 1/2 Months)
13. Future Boy (Future Boy)
14. Private Dancer (Private Dancer)
15. Piano Man (Piano Man)
17. Glitter Rock (Glitter Rock)
19. Last Dance Before an Execution (Last Dance Before an Execution)
20. Heart of a Champion (Heart of a Champion)
21. Nuclear Family (Nuclear Family)
4. série
1. The Leap Back (The Leap Back)
3. Hurricane (Hurricane)
5. Permanent Wave (Permanent Wave)
6. Raped (Raped)
7. The Wrong Stuff (The Wrong Stuff)
9. A Single Drop of Rain (A Single Drop of Rain)
10. Unchained (Unchained)
11. The Play's the Thing (The Play's the Thing)
12. Running for Honor (Running for Honor)
13. Temptation Eyes (Temptation Eyes)
14. The Last Gunfighter (The Last Gunfighter)
15. A Song for the Soul (A Song for the Soul)
16. Ghost Ship (Ghost Ship)
18. It's a Wonderful Leap (It's a Wonderful Leap)
19. Moments to Live (Moments to Live)
20. The Curse of Ptah-Hotep (The Curse of Ptah-Hotep)
22. A Leap for Lisa (A Leap for Lisa)
5. série
1. Lee Harvey Oswald: Part 1 (Lee Harvey Oswald: Part 1)
2. Lee Harvey Oswald: Part 2 (Lee Harvey Oswald: Part 2)
3. Leaping of the Shrew (Leaping of the Shrew)
4. Nowhere to Run (Nowhere to Run)
5. Killin' Time (Killin' Time)
6. Star Light, Star Bright (Star Light, Star Bright)
7. Deliver Us from Evil (Deliver Us from Evil)
8. Trilogy: Part 1 (One Little Heart) (Trilogy: Part 1 (One Little Heart))
9. Trilogy: Part 2 (For Your Love) (Trilogy: Part 2 (For Your Love))
10. Trilogy: Part 3 (The Last Door) (Trilogy: Part 3 (The Last Door))
11. Promised Land (Promised Land)
12. A Tale of Two Sweeties (A Tale of Two Sweeties)
14. Dr. Ruth (Dr. Ruth)
15. Blood Moon (Blood Moon)
18. Goodbye Norma Jean (Goodbye Norma Jean)
19. The Beast Within (The Beast Within)
21. Memphis Melody (Memphis Melody)