The Streets of San Francisco

The Streets of San Francisco (Streets of San Francisco, The)
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1. série
0. Pilot (Pilot)
1. Thirty-Year Pin, The (Thirty-Year Pin, The)
2. First Day of Forever, The (First Day of Forever, The)
3. 45 Minutes from Home (45 Minutes from Home)
4. Whose Little Boy Are You? (Whose Little Boy Are You?)
5. Tower Beyond Tragedy (Tower Beyond Tragedy)
6. Hall of Mirrors (Hall of Mirrors)
7. Timelock (Timelock)
8. In the Midst of Strangers (In the Midst of Strangers)
9. Takers, The (Takers, The)
10. Year of the Locusts, The (The Year of the Locusts)
11. Bullet, The (Bullet, The)
12. Bitter Wine (Bitter Wine)
13. Trout in the Milk, A (Trout in the Milk, A)
14. Deathwatch (Deathwatch)
15. Act of Duty (Act of Duty)
16. Set-Up, The (Set-Up, The)
17. Collection of Eagles, A (Collection of Eagles, A)
18. Room with a View, A (Room with a View, A)
19. Deadline (Deadline)
20. Trail of the Serpent (Trail of the Serpent)
21. House on Hyde Street, The (House on Hyde Street, The)
22. Beyond Vengeance (Beyond Vengeance)
23. Albatross, The (Albatross, The)
24. Shattered Image (Shattered Image)
25. Unicorn, The (Unicorn, The)
26. Legion of the Lost (Legion of the Lost)
2. série
1. Wrongful Death, A (Wrongful Death, A)
2. Betrayed (Betrayed)
3. For the Love of God (For the Love of God)
4. Before I Die (Before I Die)
5. Going Home (Going Home)
6. Stamp of Death, The (Stamp of Death, The)
7. Harem (Harem)
8. No Badge for Benji (No Badge for Benji)
9. Twenty-Four Karat Plague, The (Twenty-Four Karat Plague, The)
10. Shield of Honor (Shield of Honor)
11. Victims, The (Victims, The)
12. Runaways, The (Runaways, The)
13. Winterkill (Winterkill)
14. Most Feared in the Jungle (Most Feared in the Jungle)
15. Commitment (Commitment)
16. Chapel of the Damned (Chapel of the Damned)
17. Blockade (Blockade)
18. Crossfire (Crossfire)
19. A String of Puppets (A String of Puppets)
20. Inferno (Inferno)
21. Hard Breed, The (Hard Breed, The)
22. Rampage (Rampage)
23. Death and the Favored Few (Death and the Favored Few)
3. série
1. One Last Shot (One Last Shot)
2. Most Deadly Species, The (Most Deadly Species, The)
3. Target: Red (Target: Red)
4. Mask of Death (Mask of Death)
5. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (I Ain't Marchin' Anymore)
6. One Chance to Live (One Chance to Live)
7. Jacob's Boy (Jacob's Boy)
8. Flags of Terror (Flags of Terror)
9. Cry Help! (Cry Help!)
10. For Good or Evil (For Good or Evil)
11. Bird of Prey (Bird of Prey)
12. License to Kill (License to Kill)
13. Twenty-Five Caliber Plague, The (Twenty-Five Caliber Plague, The)
14. Mister Nobody (Mister Nobody)
15. False Witness (False Witness)
16. Letters from the Grave (Letters from the Grave)
17. Endgame (Endgame)
18. Ten Dollar Murder (Ten Dollar Murder)
19. Programming of Charlie Blake, The (Programming of Charlie Blake, The)
20. River of Fear (River of Fear)
21. Asylum (Asylum)
22. Labyrinth (Labyrinth)
23. Solitaire (Solitaire)
4. série
1. Poisoned Snow (Poisoned Snow)
2. Glass Dart Board, The (Glass Dart Board, The)
3. No Place to Hide (No Place to Hide)
4. Men Will Die (Men Will Die)
5. School of Fear (School of Fear)
6. Deadly Silence (Deadly Silence)
7. Murder by Proxy (Murder by Proxy)
8. Trail of Terror (Trail of Terror)
9. Web of Lies (Web of Lies)
10. Dead Air (Dead Air)
11. Merchants of Death (Merchants of Death)
12. Cat's Paw, The (Cat's Paw, The)
13. Spooks for Sale (Spooks for Sale)
14. Runaway (Runaway)
15. Police Buff (Police Buff)
16. Honorable Profession, The (Honorable Profession, The)
17. Requiem for Murder (Requiem for Murder)
18. Underground (Underground)
19. Judgment Day (Judgment Day)
20. Clown of Death (Clown of Death)
21. Superstar (Superstar)
22. Alien Country (Alien Country)
23. Most Likely to Succeed (Most Likely to Succeed)
5. série
1. Thrill Killers, The: Part 1 (Thrill Killers, The: Part 1)
2. Thrill Killers, The: Part 2 (Thrill Killers, The: Part 2)
3. Dead or Alive (Dead or Alive)
4. Drop, The (Drop, The)
5. No Minor Vices (No Minor Vices)
6. Castle of Fear (Castle of Fear)
7. Till Death Do Us Part (Till Death Do Us Part)
8. Child of Anger (Child of Anger)
9. Hot Dog (Hot Dog)
10. In Case of Madness (In Case of Madness)
11. One Last Trick (One Last Trick)
12. Monkey Is Back (Monkey Is Back)
13. Cannibals, The (Cannibals, The)
14. Who Killed Helen French? (Who Killed Helen French?)
15. Good Cop... But, A (Good Cop... But, A)
16. Hang Tough (Hang Tough)
17. Innocent No More (Innocent No More)
18. Once a Con (Once a Con)
19. Interlude (Interlude)
20. Dead Lift (Dead Lift)
21. Breakup (Breakup)
22. Let's Pretend We're Strangers (Let's Pretend We're Strangers)
23. Time Out (Time Out)
24. Canine Collar, The (Canine Collar, The)