W.I.T.C.H. (W.I.T.C.H.) — 1. série
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1. série
1. It Begins (It Begins)
2. It Resumes (It Resumes)
3. The Key (The Key)
4. Happy Birthday, Will (Happy Birthday, Will)
5. A Service to the Community (A Service to the Community)
6. The Labyrinth (The Labyrinth)
7. Divide and Conquer (Divide and Conquer)
8. Ambush at Torus Filney (Ambush at Torus Filney)
9. Return of the Tracker (Return of the Tracker)
10. Framed (Framed)
11. The Stone of Threbe (The Stone of Threbe)
12. The Princess Revealed (The Princess Revealed)
13. Stop the Presses (Stop the Presses)
14. Parent's Night (Parent's Night)
15. he Mudslugs (he Mudslugs)
16. Ghosts of Elyon (Ghosts of Elyon)
17. The Mogriffs (The Mogriffs)
18. Walk This Way (Walk This Way)
19. The Underwater Mines (The Underwater Mines)
20. The Seal of Phobos (The Seal of Phobos)
21. Escape from Cavigor (Escape from Cavigor)
22. Caleb's Challenge (Caleb's Challenge)
23. The Battle of Meridian Plains (The Battle of Meridian Plains)
24. The Rebel Rescue (The Rebel Rescue)
25. The Stolen Heart (The Stolen Heart)
26. The Final Battle (The Final Battle)
2. série
1. A Is for Anonymous (A Is for Anonymous)
2. B Is for Betrayal (B Is for Betrayal)
3. C Is for Changes (C Is for Changes)
4. D Is for Dangerous (D Is for Dangerous)
5. E Is for Enemy (E Is for Enemy)
6. F Is for Facades (F Is for Facades)
7. G Is for Garbage (G Is for Garbage)
8. H Is for Hunted (H Is for Hunted)
9. I Is for Illusion (I Is for Illusion)
10. J Is for Jewel (J Is for Jewel)
11. K Is for Knowledge (K Is for Knowledge)
12. L Is for Loser (L Is for Loser)
13. M Is for Mercy (M Is for Mercy)
14. N Is for Narcissist (N Is for Narcissist)
15. O Is for Obedience (O Is for Obedience)
16. P Is for Protectors (P Is for Protectors)
17. Q Is for Quarry (Q Is for Quarry)
18. R Is for Relentless (R Is for Relentless)
19. S Is for Self (S Is for Self)
20. T Is for Trauma (T Is for Trauma)
21. U Is for Undivided (U Is for Undivided)
22. V Is for Victory (V Is for Victory)
23. W Is for Witch (W Is for Witch)
24. X Is for Xanadu (X Is for Xanadu)
25. Y Is for Yield (Y Is for Yield)
26. Z Is for Zenith (Z Is for Zenith)