Empire (Empire) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Outspoken King (The Outspoken King)
3. The Devil Quotes Scripture (The Devil Quotes Scripture)
4. False Imposition (False Imposition)
5. Dangerous Bonds (Dangerous Bonds)
6. Out, Damned Spot (Out, Damned Spot)
7. Our Dancing Days (Our Dancing Days)
8. The Lyon's Roar (The Lyon's Roar)
9. Unto the Breach (Unto the Breach)
10. Sins of the Father (Sins of the Father)
11. Die But Once (Die But Once)
12. Who I Am (Who I Am)
2. série
1. The Devils Are Here (The Devils Are Here)
2. Without a Country (Without a Country)
3. Fires of Heaven (Fires of Heaven)
4. Poor Yorick (Poor Yorick)
5. Be True (Be True)
6. A High Hope for a Low Heaven (A High Hope for a Low Heaven)
7. True Love Never (True Love Never)
8. My Bad Parts (My Bad Parts)
9. Sinned Against (Sinned Against)
10. Et Tu, Brute? (Et Tu, Brute?)
11. Death Will Have His Day (Death Will Have His Day)
12. A Rose by Any Other Name (A Rose by Any Other Name)
13. The Tameness of a Wolf (The Tameness of a Wolf)
14. Time Shall Unfold (Time Shall Unfold)
15. More Than Kin (More Than Kin)
16. The Lyon Who Cried Wolf (The Lyon Who Cried Wolf)
17. Rise by Sin (Rise by Sin)
18. Past Is Prologue (Past Is Prologue)
3. série
1. Light in Darkness (Light in Darkness)
2. Sin That Amends (Sin That Amends)
3. What Remains Is Bestial (What Remains Is Bestial)
4. Cupid Kills (Cupid Kills)
5. One Before Another (One Before Another)
6. Chimes at Midnight (Chimes at Midnight)
7. What We May Be (What We May Be)
8. The Unkindest Cut (The Unkindest Cut)
9. A Furnace for Your Foe (A Furnace for Your Foe)
10. Sound & Fury (Sound & Fury)
11. Play On (Play On)
12. Strange Bedfellows (Strange Bedfellows)
13. My Naked Villainy (My Naked Villainy)
14. Love Is a Smoke (Love Is a Smoke)
15. Civil Hands Unclean (Civil Hands Unclean)
16. Absent Child (Absent Child)
17. Toil and Trouble: Part 1 (Toil and Trouble: Part 1)
18. Toil and Trouble: Part 2 (Toil and Trouble: Part 2)
4. série
1. Noble Memory (Noble Memory)
2. Full Circle (Full Circle)
3. Evil Manners (Evil Manners)
4. Bleeding War (Bleeding War)
5. The Fool (The Fool)
6. Fortune Be Not Crost (Fortune Be Not Crost)
7. The Lady Doth Protest (The Lady Doth Protest)
8. Cupid Painted Blind (Cupid Painted Blind)
9. Slave to Memory (Slave to Memory)
10. Birds in the Cage (Birds in the Cage)
11. Without Apology (Without Apology)
12. Sweet Sorrow (Sweet Sorrow)
13. Of Hardiness is Mother (Of Hardiness is Mother)
14. False Face (False Face)
15. A Lean and Hungry Look (A Lean and Hungry Look)
16. Fair Terms (Fair Terms)
17. Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns (Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns)
18. The Empire Unpossess'd (The Empire Unpossess'd)
5. série
1. Steal from the Thief (Steal from the Thief)
2. Pay for Their Presumptions (Pay for Their Presumptions)
3. Pride (Pride)
4. Love All, Trust a Few (Love All, Trust a Few)
5. The Depth of Grief (The Depth of Grief)
6. What is Done (What is Done)
7. Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils (Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils)
8. Master of What is Mine Own (Master of What is Mine Own)
9. Had It from My Father (Had It from My Father)
10. We Gotta Take Him Down (We Gotta Take Him Down)