The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Secret Life of the American Teenager, The)
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1. série
1. Falling in Love (Falling in Love)
2. You Are My Everything (You Are My Everything)
3. I Feel Sick (I Feel Sick)
4. Caught (Caught)
5. What Have You Done to Me? (What Have You Done to Me?)
6. Love for Sale (Love for Sale)
7. Absent (Absent)
8. Your Cheatin' Heart (Your Cheatin' Heart)
9. Slice of Life (Slice of Life)
10. Back to School Special (Back to School Special)
11. Just Say No (Just Say No)
12. The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager (The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager)
13. Baked Nevada (Baked Nevada)
14. The Father and the Son (The Father and the Son)
15. That's Enough of That (That's Enough of That)
16. Chocolate Cake (Chocolate Cake)
17. Unforgiven (Unforgiven)
18. Making Up Is Hard to Do (Making Up Is Hard to Do)
19. Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free (Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free)
20. Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby)
21. Whoomp! (There It Is) (Whoomp! (There It Is))
22. One Night at Band Camp (One Night at Band Camp)
23. And Unto Us, a Child Is Born (And Unto Us, a Child Is Born)
2. série
1. The Big One (The Big One)
2. What's Done Is Done (What's Done Is Done)
3. Par for the Course (Par for the Course)
4. Ciao (Ciao)
5. Born Free (Born Free)
6. The Summer of our Discontent (The Summer of our Discontent)
7. Summertime (Summertime)
8. A New Kind of Green (A New Kind of Green)
9. Hot Nuts (Hot Nuts)
10. Knocked Up, Who's There? (Knocked Up, Who's There?)
11. Cramped (Cramped)
12. Be My, Be My Baby (Be My, Be My Baby)
13. You Don't Know What You've Got (You Don't Know What You've Got)
14. Till It's Gone (Till It's Gone)
15. Loved and Lost (Loved and Lost)
16. Just Say Me (Just Say Me)
17. The Second Time Around (The Second Time Around)
18. Let's Try That Again (Let's Try That Again)
19. The Rhythm of Life (The Rhythm of Life)
20. Mistakes Were Made (Mistakes Were Made)
21. Choices (Choices)
22. Good Girls and Boys (Good Girls and Boys)
23. I Got You, Babe (I Got You, Babe)
24. Ben There, Done That (Ben There, Done That)
3. série
1. Do Over (Do Over)
2. Accentuate the Positive (Accentuate the Positive)
3. Get Out of Town (Get Out of Town)
4. Goodbye Amy Juergens (Goodbye Amy Juergens)
5. Which Way Did She Go? (Which Way Did She Go?)
6. She Went That A'way (She Went That A'way)
7. New York, New York (New York, New York)
8. The Sounds of Silence (The Sounds of Silence)
9. Chicken Little (Chicken Little)
10. My Girlfriend's Back (My Girlfriend's Back)
11. Lady Liberty (Lady Liberty)
12. Sweet and Sour (Sweet and Sour)
13. Up All Night (Up All Night)
14. Rules of Engagement (Rules of Engagement)
15. Who Do You Trust (Who Do You Trust)
16. Mirrors (Mirrors)
17. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner (Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner)
18. Another Proposal (Another Proposal)
19. Deeper and Deeper (Deeper and Deeper)
20. Moving in and Out (Moving in and Out)
21. Young at Heart (Young at Heart)
22. Loose Lips (Loose Lips)
23. Round II (Round II)
24. It's Not Over Till It's Over (It's Not Over Till It's Over)
25. To Be… (To Be…)
26. …or Not To Be (…or Not To Be)
4. série
1. When One Door Opens (When One Door Opens)
2. Another One Opens (Another One Opens)
3. When Opportunity Knocks (When Opportunity Knocks)
4. One Foot out the Door (One Foot out the Door)
5. Hole In The Wall (Hole In The Wall)
6. Don't Go In There! (Don't Go In There!)
7. Cute (Cute)
8. Dancing With The Stars (Dancing With The Stars)
9. Flip Flop (Flip Flop)
10. 4-1-1 (4-1-1)
11. The Games We Play (The Games We Play)
12. Pomp (Pomp)
13. And Circumstance (And Circumstance)
14. Smokin' Like A Virgin (Smokin' Like A Virgin)
15. Defiance (Defiance)
16. They Gotta Eat (They Gotta Eat)
17. Suddenly Last Summer (Suddenly Last Summer)
18. The Beach Is Back (The Beach Is Back)
19. The Splits (The Splits)
20. Strange Familiar (Strange Familiar)
21. Allies (Allies)
22. The Text Best Thing (The Text Best Thing)
23. 4snp (4snp)
24. Love Is Love (Love Is Love)
5. série
1. To Begin With… (To Begin With…)
2. Shotgun (Shotgun)
3. I Do and I Don't… (I Do and I Don't…)
4. Lies and Byes (Lies and Byes)
5. Past History (Past History)
6. Holy Rollers (Holy Rollers)
7. Girlfriends (Girlfriends)
8. Setting Things Straight (Setting Things Straight)
9. Property Not For Sale (Property Not For Sale)
10. Regrets (Regrets)
11. Half Over (Half Over)
12. Hedy's Happy Holiday House (Hedy's Happy Holiday House)
13. To Each Her Own (To Each Her Own)
14. It's A Miracle (It's A Miracle)
15. Untying The Knot (Untying The Knot)
16. Shiny and New (Shiny and New)
17. Fraid So (Fraid So)
18. Money For Nothin (Money For Nothin)
19. Interference (Interference)
20. First and Last (First and Last)
21. All My Sisters With Me (All My Sisters With Me)
22. When Bad Things Happen to Bad People (When Bad Things Happen to Bad People)
23. Caught in a Trap (Caught in a Trap)
24. Thank You And Goodbye (Thank You And Goodbye)