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Love Bites
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I Hate My Teenage Daughter Bag of Bones Are You There, Chelsea? GCB
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Dallas (2012)
Dirt Trust Us with Your Life


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2nd series for Falling Skies
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Eliza Dushku as FBI agent
Happily Divorced renewed for 2nd series
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Episodes of the longest and still airing series
CW raises their order
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Suits got 2nd series
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Tina Fey named her doughter after Greek goddess
Director Courteney Cox?
Reunite of Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters
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Hope of series Locke & Key still lives
Cougar Town has a new support
Ringer premiere
Emmy 2011
Bones has a boy!!
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The Vampire Diaries found The Original Mother
Amber Benson in...
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Golde Globes nominations 2012
ABC cancelled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Murder House from AHS is for sell
Amy Acker has been casted into Once Upon a Time as [spoiler">odkaz
[link=https://www.serialzone.cz/clanek/692-do-glee-miri-oscarova-herecka/]Oscar actress headed to Glee
AHS - Something 'bout 2nd series
Nikki Deloach in Ringer
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TCA - NBC, pt. 1
TVD vs french court
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